The Next Gen of Influencers: These Are The Young Aussie It Girls to Follow on Instagram

They may be up-and-coming, but they’re already killing it!
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The global spotlight might be firmly fixed on the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but it turns out we’ve got some pretty impressive homegrown influencers on our very own shores. 

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From budding fashion designers to A-list Aussie royalty, here are the up-and-coming young Aussie It Girls you need to watch…

A sleek lil number. (Credit: Instagram)
A sheer blouse over grey pants. (Credit: Instagram)

Mia Hewitt

Mia Hewitt, 15, is the daughter of former soap star Bec Hewitt and tennis player Leighton Hewitt. She has a love for fashion and over the years, has dabbled in modelling and also has hopes to pursue an acting career. 

Although she doesn’t have a public Instagram account, Mia’s mum lovingly shares pictures on her socials, which you can follow here.

Every look Mia is wearing on her mum’s gram is high fashion-esque, and she would fit right in at Milan fashion week with her sleek cuts and delicate patterns.

Proud mum Bec says Mia is a “beautiful soul”, who will one day work in the fashion industry.
“She’s a great illustrator and designer as it is, and she already sews. She has made coats with lining and pockets and all sorts of things,” Bec recently revealed to TV WEEK.
Budding fashion designer Mia Fevola recently launched her own label called MALLT Collective. (Credit: Instagram)
We want this bikini! (Credit: Instagram)

Mia Fevola

There must be something in the water when it comes to Mias because Mia Fevola, the daughter of former football player Brendan and beauty entrepreneur Alex Fevola, is another rising style star to watch. 

The Melbourne-based influencer is working on becoming a lucrative businesswoman, and she already has an activewear brand called Mallt Collective.

The 21-year-old, who is currently dating Western Bulldogs footy player Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, is also studying marketing at university, modelling and working on her makeup artistry.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

Eve sure knows how to rock a white linen blouse. (Credit: Instagram)
When your snacks match your outfit. Kylie Jenner would love this look of Eve’s. (Credit: Instagram)

Eve Markoski

When we first met Eve Markoski, she was an adorable nine-year-old grilling her mum’s new boyfriend on The Bachelor. But now Sam and Snezana Wood’s daughter is officially all grown up and a budding influencer in her own right.

Just like her glamorous mum Snez, who married Bachelor Sam Wood in 2018, the 15-year-old has a natural eye for style and has us screen-grabbing every one of her chic outfits that she posts on Insta. 

Eve’s vibe is super comfy and practical with a classic twist.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

Zipporah’s formal look was old Hollywood glamour at its finest. (Credit: Instagram)
Ahead of the trends here in this stripped vest. (Credit: Instagram)

Zipporah Corser

18-year-old Zipporah, the daughter of Robert Corser and Christene Anu, has a super bubbly and playful personality, which infuses her fashion style.

She shares a mixture of high to low pieces on her Instagram, which can range from indie darling sweet to bombshell glamour.

Following in her famous parents’ footsteps, the stunning teen – who is the spitting image of her mother – recently completed her final year 12 exams at a performing arts high school and is looking forward to pursuing her musical ambitions. She’s also a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights.
“I’m a singer and a dancer and that’s how I express my culture and connect with it. It’s how my culture has been passed down, and I’m proud of it. But one of the biggest issues we face as a people in racism. I’m a lighter -skinned Indigenous person, so I’ve experienced colourism and prejudice – being told that I can’t do certain things because I’m not dark enough, or not Aboriginal enough,” Zipporah explained to Marie Claire.
Willow Stefanovic with her friends. (Credit: Instagram)
Willow’s style is strictly Gen Z. (Credit: Instagram)

Willow Stefanovic

Karl Stefanovic’s teenage daughter is a certified cool-girl and our new imaginary BFF.

Willow, 16, is super playful with her looks and likes to source her clothes from op-shops while mix and matching different textures and patterns to create unique ensembles.

She has fully embraced small sunnies, head scarfs and tiny Balenciaga bags, and she looks like she’s having fun putting together these pieces, which is what fashion should be about.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

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