You Will Faint When You See What Jeremy Sumpter From ‘Peter Pan’ Looks Like Now

Still looking fiiiiiiine!
Universal Studios
Confession time: I used to have posters of Jeremy Sumpter on my walls and wish them goodnight EVERY night. Am I ashamed? No. Why? Because the hottie from the 2003 version of Peter Pan was a lot of girls first love. His cheeky grin, those curls and (this sounds harsh) the way Wendy ditched him at the end stuck with us for years to come. So what does he look like now? SMOKIN’. 
Here he is, still looking fiiiiiiine!
That smile tho 😍 And just look at those eyes…
He also does broody well so it’s nice to have a guy that can do it all (yeah we’re just finding excuses to put in endless pics). 
Jeremy still acts but has also added director and producer to his resumé. You might have seen him most recently in Billionaire Ransom opposite The Originals star Phoebe Tonkin

Stay wonderful Jeremy, stay wonderful.

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