The Best Romantic Movies To Stream On Valentine’s Day

These flicks will totally have you feeling the love.
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The most romantic day of the year – AKA Valentine’s Day – is just around the corner and we’re totally feeling the love.

Of course, we’re still single (ugh) but you don’t have to be boo’d up to enjoy the love-fest of a holiday.

WATCH: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trailer.

In fact, we’ll be spending February 14 snuggled up on the couch with a tub of ice cream and our one TRUE love: movies.

There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a good old fashioned movie marathon, rounding up the greatest hits of lovey-dovey flicks.

From ’90s rom coms, to modern classics like To All The Boys I Loved Before, these movies are guaranteed to hit you right in the heart.

Not sure where to start with your romantic movie fest? Check out our favourites below for a hit of Valentine’s Day inspiration.

(Credit: Netflix)

If you’ve been living under a rock the last few years: To All The Boys I Loved Before

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, literally where have you been?? It’s the rom-com that’s totally going to define our generation, so stream it ASAP. And if you have already seen it, well, a rewatch can’t hurt.

Where to watch: Stream it on Netflix!

(Credit: Disney+)

If you’re all about LGBTQ+ romance: Love, Simon

There’s a reason so many people love this heartwarming movie about a gay teen finding the courage to come out after falling in love with an anonymous classmate online. Jennifer Garner’s scene as Simon’s mum will have the tears flowing.

Where to watch: Stream it on Disney+!

(Credit: Binge)

If you love period dramas: Shakespeare In Love

Young pre-Goop era Gwyneth Paltrow stars in this colourful romantic period piece about William Shakespeare falling in love (with her, duh) and finding the inspiration he needs to complete Romeo and Juliet. It’s not entirely historically accurate, but it’s definitely fun!

Where to watch: Stream it on Binge!

(Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If you want something spicy: The After series

These movies are based on the steamy books, which were based on Harry Styles fanfiction – literally what else do we have to say?

Where to watch: Stream it on Amazon Prime Video!

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(Credit: Disney+)

If you want something heartbreaking: Romeo + Juliet

It’s literally the OG romantic tragedy, but Baz Luhrman’s version of the Shakespeare story brings it into the modern age, complete with neon lights and costumes that are literally to die for. Jules in Euphoria actually wore a replica of the Juliet costume from this movie for Halloween in the show’s first season.

Where to watch: Stream it on Disney+!

(Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If you like old school flicks: Dirty Dancing

Your mum was probably obsessed with this movie when she was a teen, so if you’re a fan of ’80s vibes it will be right up your alley. Plus, Patrick Swayze was kinda hot when he was young… just saying.

Where to watch: Stream it on Amazon Prime Video!

(Credit: Binge)

If you want a movie about a different kind of love: Lady Bird

Okay, it’s not really a romantic movie, but Lady Bird is kind of about love; first love, the friends we love, the complicated love we have for our parents, and learning to love ourselves as we are. It will definitely have you in your feelings.

Where to watch: Stream it on Binge!

(Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

If you love holiday movies any time of year: The Happiest Season

Yeah, Christmas was over a month ago but you can’t blame us for indulging in some festive cheer when the couple is this cute. Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis are wlw couple goals in this movie, we just can’t get enough of them.

Where to watch: Stream it on Amazon Prime Video!

(Credit: Disney+)

If you’re a fan of musicals: Moulin Rouge!

There’s drama, tragedy, costumes and so many outrageous musical numbers you literally won’t know what to do. Moulin Rouge may not have the, uh… happiest of endings, but it’s so worth a watch for the love story.

Where to watch: Stream it on Disney+!

(Credit: Netflix)

If you want something fun and silly: The Kissing Booth movies

Did you really think we were going to leave these flicks off the list? The Kissing Booth movies may not be *poetic cinema* but they’re fun, goofy and totally deliver on the teen melodrama we all love.

Where to watch: Stream it on Netflix!

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