Twitter Can’t Cope With This Female Harry Styles Lookalike

They could pass as twins!
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Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne broke the internet this week and now our main bae has done it again… Twitter is going ~crazy~ over a girl who is almost identical to the 1D hottie. Yeah yeah we know, there are already a few Harry doppelgängers out there but this girl is seriously next level!
Check this out…
(Credit: Twitter / Getty Images)
Um, how is it even possible that they basically look like the EXACT same person?!
(Credit: Twitter / Getty Images)
So who is #harrystwin?? Her name is Cecile or Cecilie, she’s from Denmark and she was using the super cute Twitter handle @myhazbaz but it looks like she deleted her account 😕 

This is how the internet has been reacting…

Mind officially blown!!

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