This Insane ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Theory Will Change Your Entire Childhood

Why didn't you help them Harry Potter?!

If you’re a Wizards of Waverly Place fan (yes, a current fan, a real fan never gives up even when a show ends) then you might want to sit down because here is a theory so earth-shattering you’ll question EVERYTHING. Ready? Wizards of Waverly Place is actually an alternate universe of Harry Potter where Voldemort wins.

TV Tropes explains MANY theories about the show, but the Harry Potter connection is the one that really got us thinking… There’s just too much evidence that connects it all. We’ll let them explain…

“Some of the ways the wizarding world works seem a little shady. This is especially apparent in that episode with Tutor. Let’s see…leprechauns are kept in cages to gawk at, elves get named based on what job they’re going to have, and tutors aren’t ever allowed to revisit the family they worked with again.

In the episode where Kelbo is Shakira, it’s revealed that a large breach of magic results in the council breaking your hands so you can’t use a wand. And this is played for LAUGHS. And finally, we have the one wizard per family quota.

Given all the evidence, Waverly Place actually seems like a Crapsack World for wizards, and the only explanation I can think of is that Voldemort is controlling it. Also explains how Alex can use her powers for evil (dark wizardry?) and usually ends up coming off as the hero. In fact, she displays a LOT of rotten-to-the-core qualities that Tom Riddle had…she just needs to have one of those incidents where “I lured the bully into the cave. He never bothered me again.” Perhaps Voldemort is not only CONTROLLING the Waverly Place universe, but he is also purposely guiding Alex to become the wizard of her family so she can be the next Death Eater?”

Insane right?!?! There’s also MORE evidence supporting the timeline and that is Mason Greyback (played by Gregg Sulkin) who has the same last name as evil death eater Fenrir Greyback AND is also a werewolf like Fenrir.


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