This Harry Potter Fan Theory About Kreacher Will Make You See Him Differently

We kind of feel bad for hating him so much now.
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A new Harry Potter fan-theory regarding the nasty AF house elf Kreacher has emerged, and it’s seriously mind-blowing. We were always disappointed they didn’t tell Kreacher’s story in the movies, but even book fans will like how this redeems Kreacher for his nasty behaviour. 

A fan and Reddit user, kaptinkracker, took to the site to share his opinion and all HP fans need to see this one!
“I think that he is a prick in general since his first appearance because he was in possession of the amulet horcrux for a long time which is revealed in The Deathly Hollows Part 1. It is shown that the horcrux makes Ron very jealous and angry when he later has possession of the horcrux for only a short time. Therefore, when Regulus Black gave Kreacher the horcrux to hold onto, it turned Kreacher bad.”
This theory makes a whole lot of sense! Kreacher was super mean to Sirius in The Order of The Phoenix, but once the locket was stolen from Kreacher’s den by Mundungus Fletcher in The Deathly Hallows, he became really sweet to Harry, Ron and even “mudblood” Hermione. He even joins the House Elves in fighting Lord Voldermort and the Death Eaters at the Battle for Hogwarts. And as we know, the horcruxes have a seriously negative impact on people’s emotions (hello, Ron ditching the gang because of a crush?).
So there you go, someone we all thought was a total jerk is actually just under a magical curse. That old chestnut. We kind of feel bad for hating him so much now, kiss and make up?

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