This Harry Potter And Hedwig Theory Will Actually Flip You Out!

Not that killing an innocent, loyal owl is ever OK!

If you haven’t seen Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and the battle of the seven Potters, tune out! We’re delving into some seriously heavy revelations on why a super special and amazing character had to die and things could get emotional.

So in the movie, Hedwig, Harry’s loyal and loving pet owl who has been with him from the very beginning DIES! *wipes away the tears*. It seems super unnecessary at the time and you kinda want to jump into the screen to steal a the death eater’s broom and zoom down after her to help, but you have to just watch and suffer the feels…

But now an impressive theory on Tumblr actually explains WHY Hedwig had to die and it actually kinda makes sense! So in the battle scene with the seven Potters, there are heaps of death eaters trying to catch Harry (or basically anyone who Lord Voldy finds useful), so he and his friends all drink Polyjuice Potion to confuse them about who the real Harry is. Here’s the twist, though… Hedwig isn’t fooled and keeps following the real Harry, which gives it away to the death eaters. But in comes Snape who is actually pretending to be an evil death eater and is forced to kill the owl to throw Voldemort off Harry’s real trail and keep the other baddies confused. He HAS to sacrifice Hedwig to save Harry’s life (which is kinda this thing Snap likes to do). MIND BLOWN. Professor Snape actually saved the day, which lends to the theory that he really is a hero and did atone for his mistakes. More debate about that over here

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