There’s A Surprise Twist About The New Troy In High School Musical 4


Ever since it was announced that High School Musical 4 is happening, we’ve been ~dying~ for more info, a release date… anything!

The’ve already dropped deets on the new characters and we couldn’t be more pumped!! But it looks like that’s all we’re getting for now so we’ll just have to be patient and keep waiting.

So ICYMI, there’s a new class of Wildcats coming and turns out the new Troy Bolton is related to the original cast! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming HSM4 cast, according to E! Online


The official Troy 2.0! He’s a major babe, the soccer captain and a theatre star, of course. He’s really into Erin, but she’s more keen on Derek. Oh and he just so happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans’ cousin!


The only girl on the boys’ soccer team but she’s a BOSS on and off the field. She falls for the bad boy but is torn about following her heart.


Said bad boy who’s also interested in Erin. He might come across as a tough guy but he’s actually super sweet… apart from being a badass soccer player, he teaches little girls to dance at his family’s studio. Nawww!!


Erin’s kind-hearted BFF and a super bubbly cheerleader at East High.


A fellow East High cheerleader and former Queen Bee who’s desperate to climb to the top of the social ladder again.

We can’t wait to see how this next chapter turns out!! And hopefully some of the original characters will make cameos! Zac EfronVanessa HudgensAshley TisdaleLucas GrabeelCorbin Bleu and Monique Coleman… please come back!

Thoughts?? Are you guys excited for HSM4 or can nothing top the original?

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