There’s A Sneaky ‘Harry Potter’ Reference In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ That We Almost Missed

You've got to be a BIG HP fan to spot this one
Warner Bros

Most Harry Potter fans are planning on tuning into Emma Watson‘s performance as Belle in the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, and their loyalty to Hermione is going to pay off! Turns out we’ve already been shown one Harry Potter easter egg in a teaser trailer and we almost missed it!

The scene happens during Belle’s walk through the small provincial town (lol can’t help it)…

“Good morning, Monsieur Jean. Have you lost something again?” Belle says, “I believe I have. Problem is, I can’t remember what,” Monsieur Jean says. 

A keen Reddit user noticed this dialogue was VERY familiar and was also used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Remember when Neville Longbottom gets his Remembrall and when it goes red in the scene, Neville says, “The only problem is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten.”

You can check it out yourself below 👇

Cool huh?

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