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Crazy pranks, chaotic meet and greets, Twitter fan accounts – being a Janoskianator was truly a wild ride.

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They first rose to fame in 2011 and were YouTubers before it was even a thing, and The Janoskians will forever hold a place in our hearts for the crazy and chaotic time we spent obsessing over them.

With their weekly prank videos, the music they made, the insane world tours, a movie release, and then a whole series with MTV – it was definitely one of those, you just had to be there, kind of moments.

How do you even begin to explain the time when we ran fan accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and even Tumblr dedicated to five Aussie boys who wreaked havoc on the streets of Melbourne?

You just can’t – you were either obsessed with The Janoskians or you weren’t; plain and simple.

So, if you fall into category of the former, then join us as we take a trip down memory lane and investigate what our OG crushes have been up to since they stole our hearts all those years ago.

beau brooks janoskians
Oh Beau. (Credit: Instagram)

Beau Brooks

The oldest of the three Brooks brothers and the rest of the group, Beau was at the helm of The Janoskians. He was always the one to push the boundaries just a little bit further than the others, and we loved him for it.

Nowadays, 28-year-old Beau seems to be up to his old tricks, and still makes prank videos to this day. In fact, the iconic YouTube channel that they use to run is still active, with Beau uploading new videos almost every week.

They are of course based around pranks – because hello that’s his speciality – and the channel currently has 2.42 million subscribers.

Beau has also been keeping busy over the years with the release of four singles, and even provided music therapy for young kids.

luke jai brooks
Luke (left) has swapped out his trademark lip ring for a beard. (Credit: Instagram)

Luke Brooks

His signature lip ring was the obvious difference between him and his twin brother Jai, but real fans could tell the two apart from just the sound of their voices.

Unfortunately, that lip ring is long gone, and Luke is actually sporting a full-grown beard – making him look so much older than the baby-faced teen we all knew.

What hasn’t changed however, is Luke’s love for photography, where fans will remember he was the one to handle all the filming and editing when they used to create videos.

The 26-year-old has turned that passion into a career, and started his own company called Shutter Island Multimedia, and we truly love to see it.

jai brooks
Jai the artist. (Credit: Instagram)

Jai Brooks

Arguably one of the more well-known members of The Janoskians – because who can forget the time he dated Ariana Grande? – Jai has definitely come a long way since those prank videos.

Not far behind from his brother, Jai is also sporting a beard these days, and his trademark eyebrow piercing is long gone too.

The 26-year-old is now an artist, and shares his incredible paintings on Instagram, and if you want to score one of your own, he sells them too.

You might also be pleased to know that Jai and his brothers are all currently living in Melbourne once again, after they briefly moved to LA.

daniel skip sahyounie girlfriend
“12 years of friendship lead to being the mother of my child.” (Credit: Instagram)

Daniel Sahyounie

We all knew him as Skip, and Daniel sure kept us all incredibly entertained all those years ago – especially with that iconic Lahme song. But, Daniel is worlds away from his pranking days.

In fact, Daniel is about to become a dad! Yes, that’s right, the 26-year-old is set to welcome his first child very soon with his girlfriend Maddy Karoglidis.

“Yup the secrets out….. Wow I’m lost for words at this point… excited for this journey with you and Johnny. 12 years of friendship lead to being the mother of my child. March 2022 little Sahyoune haha,” he shared on Instagram.

We couldn’t be more excited for a mini Sahyoune to be running around, and Daniel has surely been practicing his fatherly duties with Maddy’s son Johnny.

james yammouni
James is still focusing on his music. (Credit: Instagram)

James Yammouni

Just like One Direction’s Zayn, James was the first to part ways with the group in 2016, and things were never the same.

Whilst they kept on making videos after he left, James left quite an impact on The Janoskians when he decided to step back and focus on his music career.

The 25-year-old is still releasing music to this day, and has collaborated with a number of people, including Faydee, Anfa Rose and Adam Saleh.

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