A Blessed Reminder: The Bold Type’s Sutton Was In Gossip Girl

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Well what d’ya know. Sutton Brady, our fave fashion fiend from The Bold Type actually got her start on none other than popular teen drama Gossip Girl. 

Well, the actress Meghann Fahy did, at least. 

WATCH: See the trailer for Gossip Girl‘s 2021reboot: 

As it turns out, Meghann’s very first time on a television show was none other than Gossip Girl.

She took on the role as Devyn in a 2009 episode titled The Lost Boy, S3. 

In the ep, Fahy’s character is an assistant to a man that Chuck is trying to win over. Of course, Blair gets in the way and the sly Upper East Sider doesn’t get to take it any further. 

Fancy that, Meghann’s GG character isn’t so different to Sutton herself, who also starts out as an assistant. 

Baby Sutton! We can’t. (Credit: Gossip Girl)

Meghann spoke to Teen Vogue in 2019 about her lil stint on GG, admitting it didn’t go as smoothly as she’d hoped.

“I was doing [the Broadway musical] Next to Normal and I had just gotten an agent. [Gossip Girl] was one of the first handful of auditions that I had gone on,” she revealed.

“It was my very first television job. It was my first time on a set.”

She said she was “terrified.”

“I broke one of the shoes,” she said.

“In one of the scenes, I was typing on a computer and I was slamming on the keys. I didn’t know it at the time that you had to be aware of sound and you’re supposed to fake stuff so that they can [hear the dialogue]. I had no idea. It was so embarrassing the way that I behaved.”

Meghann Fahy as Sutton (far right) with her wing women Kat and Jane. (Credit: Freeform)

Of course, the small slip up didn’t make any difference to Fahy’s career (take note, gals – it’s never the end!) and the rising star later got her big break on Freeform’s breakthrough series The Bold Type. 

Described as a modern Sex And The City, the narrative follows three women in their 20s working at Cosmopolitan-esque fashion mag, Scarlet

While the show is fictional, the relatable themes struck a chord with fans as Sutton, Kat and Jane manoeuvred their way through relationships and discovering their sexuality.

With several key episodes delving into important topical issues including sexual harassment and systemic racism, The Bold Type (which came to an end in July 2021) was as educational as it was an escape for young people to peek inside another, often glamorised world. 

There’s also no denying Meghann’s character Sutton was a crowd favourite with her flair for fashion and unique, likeable nature. 

You can watch every episode in Australia by signing up to Stan here.  

Gossip Girl is set to be rebooted in 2021 with a brand new cast.

Meghann’s Gossip Girl throwback also comes as a brand new reboot of Gossip Girl hits screens. 

The revamped 2021 narrative follows the lives of the next generation of privately schooled Upper-East Siders, eight years after the original Gossip Girl website went dark. 

The release date is July 8, and you can watch it in Australia by signing up to Binge here. Popcorn at the ready… 

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