Fans react to that shocking major character death in ‘The 100’ season 7

Please say sike 😭.

*Spoilers for The 100 season 7 episode 12, “Blood Giant”*

Fans of The 100 are losing their minds on Twitter after that character death in the latest episode.

At the beginning of the season, Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) right-hand man Bellamy (Bob Morley) fell into a portal and disappeared for most of the series. At the time, The 100 creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg told TVLine that his disappearance would be a “mystery people are trying to solve” all season but assured us he would return.

Then, eleven episodes later in this week’s “Blood Giant,” something absolutely shocking happened. Clarke shot and killed her life partner, co-leader and best friend.

After Bellamy became consumed by the Flame to the Disciples and withheld Madi’s journal from Clarke, Taylor’s character was left with no other choice, she had to stop him. So, she shot him right in the heart—for reference this time three seasons ago she confessed to him, “you’ve got such a big heart, Bellamy.” No, it’s not raining. We’re ALL crying right now. 

When the episode first aired, fans lingered onto the hope that he may have made it. That the episode ended on a cliffhanger but ultimately we’d see him again. Then, Rothenberg confirmed what we all were avoiding to acknowledge. Rip to this fictional apocalyptic surviving boy. 

“For seven seasons, The 100 has been a show about the dark things that humanity will do to survive and the toll those deeds take on our heroes’ souls,” he said in a statement on Twitter.

“We knew Bellamy’s death had to go to the heart of what the show is all about: survival. Who you’re willing to protect. And who you’re willing to sacrifice.”

“His loss is devastating, but his life and his endless love for his people will loom large and affect everything that comes after, to the very end of the series finale itself. We thank Bob [Morley] for his beautiful work over these long years and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

While we can all admit that Morley’s character got the short end of the stick here (and we are seriously grieving rn), the decision to disappear from the show for a bit this season actually came from the actor himself.

“Bob [Morley] asked to take some time off this season, and we honoured that,” Rothenberg told TVLine. “We were able to write around it.”

What fans didn’t expect, however, was that that little disappearance would see the Aussie CW star, Taylor’s IRL husband and one of the OG characters from The 100 crew, die. 


And, ofc, the The 100 fandom is absolutely heartbroken at his demise. Some fans are now dubbing this season as a worse ending than Game of Thrones. Others are merely stunned and in mourning. 


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