Here’s What Your Teen Wolf Faves Have Been Up To Since The Show Finished

We're hoping to see them all in the new movie.
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We knew them as young werewolves, banshees, werecoyotes, kitsunes, and more, but the cast of Teen Wolf have gone on to play some pretty different roles since leaving the show.

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With the news that the cast could be reuniting for the upcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie, you may be wondering, who is coming back?

Not to mention, where did the characters leave things off in the series finale? Well, to jog your memory a little bit, the pack, with Scott McCall at the helm, faced off against the Anuk-Ite (a fear-inducing monster with two faces) and Gerard Argent.

With the help of returning characters like Derek Hale, Jackson Whittemore and Ethan Steiner, they managed to protect Beacon Hills end everyone in it.

The ending of the show also saw Scott rescuing a new werewolf, Alec, and inviting him to join his pack, after he was being hunted down. It was a pretty open ending, and we’re very keen to see where the movie kicks off.

In the meantime, we’ve tracked down all the original cast members of the series, and what they’ve been busy with since Teen Wolf.

tyler posey
Tyler Posey played Scott McCall. (Credit: Getty)

Tyler Posey

We can just about all agree that the casting on Teen Wolf is pretty perfect, and Tyler Posey, who played Scott, proves just that.

Tyler gave us exactly what we needed with a young alpha, where Scott was the perfect leader and friend, which is why everyone was always willing to stand by him no matter what.

So, what other roles has Tyler played? After playing Scott for six seasons, Tyler moved on to appear in Jane the Virgin, Truth or Dare, The Last Summer and Scream: The TV Series.

As for when he’s not on the screen, the 29-year-old has been following his music passions with the band Five North.

dylan obrien
Dylan O’Brien played Stiles Stilinski. (Credit: Getty)

Dylan O’Brien

Everyone loved Stiles. He was the goofy, sarcastic and loyal best friend that everyone wished they had, and Dylan O’Brien played the character perfectly.

So much so that he went on to play some major roles in the film industry, including The Maze Runner franchise, American Assassin, and most recently, Love and Monsters.

The 30-year-old also has a few more roles coming up, and he’s changed his whole look for the movie Not Okay, which includes a blonde buzz cut (hello season one Stiles) and a whole lot of tattoos.

And before you freak out, the tattoos are temporary (unfortunately) so we can expect Stiles to look relatively the same – if Dylan does in fact return for the movie.

tyler hoechlin
Tyler Hoechlin played Derek Hale. (Credit: Getty)

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin played Beacon Hills’ resident ‘sourwolf’ Derek, and since the show finished, he’s on gone to appear in a number of films, including Fifty Shades Freed, Then Came You, and Palm Springs.

Arrow fans will also recognise him for his role as Clark Kent in the Arrowverse, where he played Superman in Batwoman, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and others.

The 34-year-old now stars in Superman & Lois, and we gotta say, Derek looks different here.

holland roden
Holland Roden played Lydia Martin. (Credit: Getty)

Holland Roden

Lydia started off as your typical mean girl, but she quickly won us all over when she dropped the act and showed us just how smart she really is.

Her power as the town’s banshee was also incredible to watch, and Holland Roden was the one who brought the character to life.

Following the show, the 34-year-old went on to appear on MacGyver, Mayans M.C., Channel Zero and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, and is also set to next appear in the film The Re-Education of Molly Singe.

Dylan Sprayberry
Dylan Sprayberry played Liam Dunbar. (Credit: Getty)

Dylan Sprayberry

Playing the hot-headed newbie Liam, who was welcomed into Scott’s pack despite his hostile attitude, Dylan Sprayberry brought a new edge to the series.

He was just 16-years-old when he joined Teen Wolf, which makes him one of the youngest title actors featured on the show.

Since then, the 23-year-old has appeared on The Row as Carter West, The Malibu TapesLight as a Feather, and Lost Girls: Angie’s Story.

Shelley Hennig
Shelley Hennig played Malia Tate. (Credit: Getty)

Shelley Hennig

Malia’s character brought a whole new shapeshifter to Beacon Hills, where she spent most of her life in full coyote form as a werecoyote.

By the end of the series, we saw Malia and Scott get together, and it will be interesting to see if they’re still going in strong in the Teen Wolf revival movie.

Following Teen Wolf, Shelley, 34, went on to appear in a number of films and shows, including Liberty CrossingWhen We First Met, The After Party, and Dollface.

arden cho
Arden Cho played Kira Yukimura. (Credit: Getty)

Arden Cho

She played the powerful kitsune Kira on Teen Wolf, and after leaving the show, Arden Cho went on to appear on Castle, Hawaii Five-0, and Chicago Med.

The 36-year-old also appeared on Stuck, Freakish, Miss 2059 and Tween Fest, and when she isn’t acting, she’s running her own accessories company called Leonard & Church.

Not to mention, she’s a very talented singer and song-writer too.

melissa ponzio
Melissa Ponzio played Melissa McCall. (Credit: Getty)

Melissa Ponzio

With a whole pack of teenagers running around in the middle of the night causing chaos (or preventing it), Melissa McCall did her best as the show’s resident mother.

As for the actress Melissa Ponzio, she’s appeared in a number of shows and movies, including Chicago Fire, Killer Reputation, Thunder Force and First Wives Club.

With Tyler Posey already confirmed to be returning for Teen Wolf: The Movie, we hope that includes Melissa too.

colton hayes
Colton Haynes played Jackson Whittemore. (Credit: Getty)

Colton Haynes

He was one of the first shapeshifters that wreaked havoc on Beacon Hills, but Jackson ended up turning things around throughout the show.

Played by Colton Haynes, we saw Jackson return for the series finale with a boyfriend, Ethan Steiner, played by Charlie Carver. 

After wrapping up Teen Wolf, the 34-year-old went on to star as Roy Harper on Arrow, and also appeared on American Horror Story: Cult, Scream Queens and Rough Night.

Daniel Sharman
Daniel Sharman played Isaac Lahey. (Credit: Getty)

Daniel Sharman

With his staple wardrobe items including that cardigan and a scarf he always wore (and was teased about), Isaac Lahey was one of our favourites on Teen Wolf.

Daniel Sharman played the role so well that he went on to star in another supernatural series, The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, where he swapped out his werewolf howl for some vampire fangs.

The 35-year-old also appeared on Fear the Walking Dead, Medici: The Magnificent, and is next set to appear in the upcoming Netflix series, Cursed.

linden ashby
Linden Ashby played Noah Stilinski. (Credit: Getty)

Linden Ashby

While Melissa was the mum of Beacon Hills, Linden Ashby played everyone’s father figure as Sheriff Noah Stilinski.

Linden has also starred in Trinkets, NCIS: New Orleans, A Daughter’s Revenge, and Lifeline.

The 61-year-old also confirmed on Twitter that we can expect to see him in the new Teen Wolf movie, and we can’t wait.

jr bourne
JR Bourne played Chris Argent. (Credit: Getty)

JR Bourne

Speaking of dads, Allison Argent may have (tragically) left the show early on, but her father Chris stayed and left quite the impact.

Following Teen Wolf, the 51-year-old went on to star in The 100, Mayans M.C., Hospitality and Falling Water.

With a cast this talented and dare we say iconic, we really hope to see most, if not all, of the original cast in the new Teen Wolf movie, which will come out in 2022.

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