Let’s Look Back With Joy At The Subtle Sass In Tay Swift’s Fearless

Oh, the nostalgia really pulls at the heart strings.
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She was a prince, and we were damsels in distress when we found out that our queen Taylor Swift is planning on re-releasing her iconic and Grammy award-winning album Fearless.

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For a little refresher, Taylor’s old label Big Machine sold her catalogue to the private-equity group Ithaca Holdings, which is owned by the infamous music manager Scooter Braun, who manages Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

As if the move wasn’t shady enough, Scooter then sold her masters to Shamrock Holdings for a whopping $300 million.

This all happened behind Taylor’s back.

As a result, Taylor does not own any of her catalogues, from her debut album, Taylor Swift, to her 6th studio album, Reputation.

In an attempt to override her archival work and reclaim her agency Taylor has decided to bless us with re-recordings of her past work, and her 2nd album Fearless is first up.

Taylor took our breath away earlier this week when she announced on Instagram that Fearless will be re-released on April 19, and we have not been okay ever since.

Can Tay pls bring back her Fearless era curls. (Credit: Getty)

As if we were not getting spoiled enough, Taylor has already released two songs from the “vault,” and we are so in awe of how 17-year-old Taylor did that.

The song You All Over Me and Mr Perfectly Fine have spun Swifties out with literal glee because not only are they lyrically phenomenal but the nostalgia of listening to country Tay is equivalent to a hug from a long lost friend.

Also, forgive us for not coping here, but the tracklist includes f o u r, yes FOUR more songs from the vault.

If you had told us in 2019 that Taylor would manage to turn a sticky situation into our wildest dream, we just wouldn’t have coped.

Fearless as an album is one of Taylor’s most successful country albums that really elevated her career; this is, after all, the body of work containing Love Story and You Belong With Me, and the lead up to its re-release has brought up some memories from back when decoding the deeper meaning of Taylor’s songs was classified as art.

The heartbreaking ballad Forever & Always had us screaming out, “It rains when you’re here, and it rains when you’re gone,” and we were equally moved by Taylor’s advice on Fifteen when she sings, “But in your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team.”

These special songs famously have a deeper meaning, and one is even about a young Joe Jonas, so we decided to dig up some old scoop on these iconic tracks.

Also the album she won too many Grammy’s to hold. (Credit: Getty)

Forever & Always

It was a simpler world in 2008 when the biggest scandal was Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas’ messy breakup.

Of course, the two are on great terms now, with Taylor even sending Joe a gift for his baby girl, but a couple of months into their relationship Joe did something unthinkable.

Taylor Swift slammed the singer on Ellen for breaking up with her in a 27-second voicemail – so savage.

Also, lest we forget the Taylor ripping it into toy Joe in a YouTube video as seen above.

As a result, Taylor turned her woes into art and although most songs about Joe appear on her album Speak Now, it has been well known in the Swiftverse that Forever & Always is about him.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine in 2009, Joe mentioned that (despite the savage lyrics; gosh, we love angry Tay) he wasn’t too thrown off by the song.

“It’s flattering. It’s always nice to hear their side of the story.”

But we aren’t convinced the star now married to Sophie Turner was so chill about the song. With good reason, because he released a track with his brothers called Much Better, which is apparently about Tay as there are some on the nose lyrics referencing Taylor’s song Teardrops On My Guitar.

We repeat, it was simpler times, guys!

Then as if it was 2009 all over again, fans and the media have been on overdrive speculating that the newly released Fearless track, Mr Perfectly Fine, is about Joe Jonas.

Of course, Tay has not and will not confirm if the rumours are true, but the timing is right, and we need this.

Baby Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas. (Credit: Getty)


This track holds a significant meaning that is still relevant for anyone in the thick of middle school trying to navigate boys with ulterior motives for the first time.

The song is famously written for Taylor’s high school best friend (oh, and they are still besties) Abigail Anderson, which is made evident by the raw lyrics, “And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind, and we both cried.”

In an interview with CMT Radio, Taylor admitted that writing this song was a very emotional process.

“I’m not likely to cry over something I’ve gone through, even if it’s the worst breakup ever. Maybe I haven’t had that break up yet. Maybe there will be a breakup where I’ll just cry every time I think of it.

“But the things that make me cry are when the people I love have gone through pain, and I’ve seen it. “Fifteen” talks about how my best friend, Abigail, got her heartbroken when we were in ninth grade and singing about that absolutely gets me every time.”

Ugh, our hearts.

Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson. (Credit: Getty)

Fearless is an album that reads like Taylor’s personal diary, which is something she has stepped away from as a form of self-preservation after a tumultuous career that saw her punished for her often wide-eyed and honest vulnerability.

And now, we wait patiently for the Fearless re-release to drop so we can cry like it’s 2008!

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