Superman Has Come Out As Bisexual & Twitter Is Rejoicing

This is the representation we need.
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Superman is officially canonically bisexual and fans are rejoicing for the representation. 

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This National Coming Out Day (over in the States) DC Comics announced their newest issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El will feature a bisexual Superman – Jon Kent.

Jon Kent appears in the comics as Superman of Earth and the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The issue is the fifth in the series and due to be released on November 9th. 

A bisexual Superman will feature in the newest issue of the comics. (Credit: DC)

In a press release, the writer of the comic book, Tom Taylor, emphasised the importance of representation when it comes to the DC universe and beyond.

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros. share this idea,” he said.

“Superman’s symbol has always stood for hope, for truth and for justice. Today, that symbol represents something more. Today, more people can see themselves in the most powerful superhero in comics.”

Fans certainly felt the weight of the decision, rejoicing at the representation via Twitter:


Comic book fans have long been advocating for more LGBTQIA+ representation in the Superhero universe, with many fans campaigning for a bisexual Spiderman to be introduced in the Marvel Universe.

Last year it was reported that Sony was considering introducing a bisexual Spiderman on screen, specifically with Andrew Garfield’s iteration of the superhero.

In 2013, Andrew (who took on the role after Tobey Maguire and before Tom Holland) told EW that he would be all for exploring Spiderman’s sexuality.

Both Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have endorsed a LGBTQIA+ Spiderman. (Credit: Marvel)

“Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking! So why can’t he be gay?” Andrew said.

He even suggested that actor Michael B. Jordan be cast as the love interest, saying he’s been “obsessed” with him since The Wire. “It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!”

Current Spiderman Tom Holland also voiced his support for a LGBTQIA+ Spiderman, telling GQ in 2019 that it “would be a very progressive way to kind of create new character”.

“I think there should be one day. I hope that I get to share the screen with that person.”

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