Carlos Sanson Jr Confirms Bump Season Two Is In Production

The second season is officially cooking!
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Bump season two is on its way, so maybe 2021 will have a silver lining after all.


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The critically-acclaimed show, which dropped on Stan at the start of 2021, smashed the streaming site’s records and became its biggest ever premiere.

The 10-part original series centres around Oly (played by Nathalie Morris), an ambitious and high-achieving teenage girl who suddenly finds herself in labour despite being completely unaware she’d fallen pregnant. In the aftermath of becoming a teen parents, Oly and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jnr) must navigate parenthood all the while trying to continue with their studies. 

This week, the show’s award-winning director and co-creator, Leticia Caceres, took to her Instagram to reveal production of the highly anticipated second season is underway. 

She posted a screenshot of the cast’s first read-through of the script hosted over Zoom, presumably as a result of much of Australia being in lockdown. 

Leticia captioned the shot, “Bump Season 2 block 1 read through. What a joy to be reunited with so many incredible people 💖#bumponstan.”

“Drop a 🍼.” (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile the gorgeous Carlos Sanson Jr, who plays Oly’s baby daddy Santi, shared a picture to his socials to commemorate the rehearsals.

In the snap, Carlos piggy-backs on co-star Loane Sa’ula‘s back.

“Drop a 🍼if you’re excited for BUMP S2,” the actor captioned the pic. 

Nathalie Morris, who plays Oly, also chimed in by reposting Leticia’s post onto her Instagram story. “Yew! Beautiful people,” Nathalie beamed over the picture.

The hype is going off, and we don’t know how long we can wait!

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love in January, star, co-creator and producer of Bump Claudia Karvan confirmed the renewed season.

Leticia Caceres posted this screenshot from the Zoom read. (Credit: Instagram)

Bump is the show we needed now – a show that is authentic, full of heart and humour and is a testament to our resilience,” she said.

“We all are champing at the bit to get back into the story room and bring these characters to life again. Stan have been the ultimate collaborators, and we’re looking forward to working together again.”

Claudia spilled some intriguing insight into what fans can expect from the second season.

“Bernardita starts karate. Madison becomes the CEO of her own moon cup company. Rosa embraces bio-degradable forks. Angie goes celibate. Vince proposes to Santi. Oly develops a crush on Mr Hanover. Baby Jacinda starts talking, a bit like Baby Yoda. All this and more,” she teased. 

Bump is on it’s way guys! Not a drill. (Credit: Instagram)

We’re going to have to exercise some patience, but rest assured, Bump is making its way back into our very lives soon!

All episodes of Bump are available now to stream on Stan

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