Olivia Rodrigo *Almost* Distracted Us From Sophie Turner’s New Red Hair

Yes, you read that right.
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We almost collectively got hoodwinked by Ms Sophie Turner, who slyly used our deep love for Olivia Rodrigo to distract us from her iconic beauty transformation.

WATCH: Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U video directed by Petra Collins

But alas her efforts, were not quite a match for our super sleuth talents. 

We are not surprised that Sophie, a Swiftie and married to Jonas brother, Joe Jonas, is a fan of Olivia Rodrigo. 

But, really, at this point, who isn’t in awe of the Good 4 U singer? FYI there is no need to trust anyone who claims they aren’t. 

We love to see it! (Credit: Instagram)

Sophie posted her subtle reveal onto her Instagram story, but the selfie wasn’t just any old pic. 

No, it was the former Game Of Thrones star’s big return to her Sansa roots. 

But this hidden gem of a makeover was almost put to the wayside because we were all, at least initially, distracted by Sophie’s tee. 

This is when Olivia Rodrigo enters the chat!

Because Sophie showed big love for the singer by wearing a Sour album top and tagging Olivia in her bathroom selfie. 

We love when our cannons collide, but while we were fangirling out over this merge of talent, we could have easily missed that Sophie has died her hair red. 

Sansa Stark QUEEN of the North. (Credit: Instagram)

Yep, that’s right, Sansa is back! And she is thriving in LA with her loving husband and baby girl, called Willa.

Unfortunately, we can’t see much of Sophie’s hair or face for that matter, but from beneath her phone are locks of deep rouge – and it’s simply fabulous.

Sophie is a natural blonde, and this is the first time she has returned to her GOT locks since the show ended in 2019.

Sophie and Joe in the city of love. (Credit: Instagram)

While we may never know what spurred Sophie to become a redhead again, was she missing Sansa, or does she just love the luxurious colour?

Who knows.

But one thing we can confirm is that she’s hanging on Olivia Rodrigo’s every word like the rest of us.

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