A Very Important Investigation Into Shay Mitchell’s Relationship With Her Baby-Daddy Matte Babel

Their love language is banter.
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Shay Mitchell and her baby-daddy Matte Babel are a couple that loves nothing more than to make fun of each other and have the odd light-hearted tiff.

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The hot Canadian couple may have started dating in 2017, but they met ten years ago when she was working bottle service at a venue, well before her Pretty Little Liars fame.

Although things didn’t quite go the distance back then, everything works out how it needs to in the end, and in October 2019, Matt and Shay welcomed their daughter Atlas.

Altas is probably one of the most beautiful babies we have ever seen, so whatever Matt and Shay’s genetics were doing, they were doing well.

Fans of Shay are super grateful to see her so happy with her supportive man on her YouTube videos, but the actress and influencer have been super candid about not feeling rushed to get engaged or married. 

After being asked by Entertainment Tonight in June 2020 about getting married, she made it clear that the couple are happy where they are right now.

“A lot of people ask. It’s never been something I really cared for.

“And I love weddings, love weddings. I can watch them all day long. I love attending, I love being a part of my friends’ [weddings], and anybody’s to be quite honest.

It’s just not something I care for for myself, and it’s something that Matte and I have spoken about,” shared Shay.

Their family YouTube video’s together are to die for – always revealing their entertaining and edgy personalities. 

Here are some of the sweetest Shay and Matte moments that prove a relationship full of humour is the best kind.

Shay, Matte and baby Atlas annual family photo. (Credit: Instagram)

Shay has said on her YouTube channel that she doesn’t see her family taking serious photos – and boy, does she hit the mark. This 80s inspired photoshoot is the perfect mix of adorable and hilarious.

The Babel and Mitchell comment. (Credit: Instagram)

The genetically blessed family are known for their intensive travels and love of exploring different beaches – which may be why they opted to name their daughter Atlas.

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel at a Los Angeles Clippers. (Credit: Getty)

Pre-Atlas this couple were often seen front row at basketball games. The way they are looking at each other in these pictures is so full of love. 

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Shay and Matte reveal all in this Relationship Quiz on Shay’s YouTube. Some of the cutest titbits of information they spilled was that their first date was at the restaurant “Village Idiot,” they reconnected during the song One Dance by Drake, and that his nickname for her is sweet and honey.

Italian holidays together. (Credit: Instagram)

Shay and Matte on their babymoon in Italy together. 

Hopefully one day we can be spoiled by Shay’s festival outfits. (Credit: Instagram)

Again, the best part about this couple is that they make fun of each other. In this 2018 post on Matte’s Instagram he made sure to give Shay a loving lil dig.

He wrote, “Always pause for a good pic and tell her how much you love her before admitting you forgot the wristbands at home…”

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This scene from Shay’s YouTube video New Family Traditions is a realistic look into a conversation between a couple. They are in the kitchen, wearing comfy clothes, and Matte is working on baby gear, and the wholesome moment is filled with loving jabs at each other and a shared love for food.

They do not take themselves seriously, and just like Shay says she ‘doesn’t ask for diamonds,’ just some good food and love.

A monochromatic family look. (Credit: Instagram)

Imagine if your family photos looked this good! Also, you know when a couple looks like they belong together simply ‘cos they aesthetically suit each other? Well, this is that couple!

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Back in the day, Matte interviewed Shay when he was working for ET Entertainment. The chemistry pouring out from this video is almost too much to handle. It’s like being a fly on the wall as two soulmates connect.

Even though they seem happy as they are, and marriage is not the be-all and end-all, we would love to know what Shay’s wedding dress would look like! Fingers crossed.

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