Why Everyone Is Freaking Out Over The Sex Education Season 3 Trailer

This was... unexpected.
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Sex Education season three is hitting screens next Friday. This is not a drill 🚨 🚨 🚨!!

Netflix has finally dropped a trailer and there is *a lot* to unpack. But fans were pretty taken by one thing in particular.

WATCH: Sex Education | Season 3 | Official trailer

Ahh Sex Education, it’s everybody’s favourite shameless teen comedy-drama, and it’s back baby!

And not a moment too soon, we’ve absolutely wrung the Netflix sponge dry of content lately, with Addison Rae’s He’s All That being our latest victim.

So when the SE trailer dropped today, we simultaneously dropped everything we were doing to watch it. Guys, so much is happening.

Sex Education season three is coming and not a moment too soon. (Credit: Netflix)

Aimee has a goat. Otis has a moustache. Maeve and Otis are seemingly not talking.

Moordale has been dubbed the “sex school” and has a new Head Teacher.

Oh, and the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) has joined the cast?? Clearly he needed a new gig after Voldemort’s downfall.

But there was a particular part of the trailer that really got Twitter talking. 

OK power couple?? (Credit: Netflix)

It was all but a one second clip of Otis and Ruby holding hands and taking off their sunglasses, but Twitter went wild anticipating a new couple.


If we remember from last season, Otis lost his virginity (though he would tell you that’s a social construct) to Ruby at a party. And clearly many fans are well on board the Rotis train.

Buuuuut, not all. Because the trailer also gave us a glimpse of Otis and Maeve gazing into each other’s eyes. 

If they kiss, it better be in better lighting 😤. (Credit: Netflix)

Naturally, this also set Twitter off, with many fans having been eagerly awaiting the characters to get together since the show began.

Hmmm.. will Team Rotis or Motis prevail? Or perhaps neither?

We guess we’ll have to wait and see. Next Friday can’t come soon enough.

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