‘Sex Education’ season 3 has officially begun filming!!!

So umm when can we see it?

Good news everyone! The students of Mordale High are officially back in school. 

In a new video on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, the streaming service revealed that Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Conor Swindells and more are making their back to set—meaning yes, the third season of Sex Education has *officially* begun. 

Leaving his home with two cats, Butterfield (Otis Milburn) scours his board game collection to find something to bring for the long trip away from home—where he’ll spend a majority of the next few months at his fictional home which you can actually rent. Chaneil Kular (Anwar) is getting his face plastered into some kinda sculpture—the video implies that it’ll all make sense in the show. Gillian Anderson (Dr. Jean F. Milburn) glams up and has fun on camera, joking around with her character’s new pregnancy suit.

It’s all quite cute and very spoilery—you’ve been warned!

And, ofc, Conor Swindells (Adam Groff) goes for a costume fitting and comes out dressed like Indiana Jones. “You know that all I want to do is grab that whip and just start crackin’ it,” the actor, who’s also dating Sex Education co-star Aimee Lou Wood (who plays Aimee Gibbs) said in the video.

Mackey, Gatwa, Wood, Patricia Alison (Ola Nyman) and Kedar Williams-Stirling (Jackson Marchetti) don’t appear in the video, but we have no doubt that they’ll be in the new season. 

You can watch the full montage below.

In case you missed it, the second season of Sex Education ended with a few dramatic cliffhangers and love triangles. 

First, Adam (played by Swindells) interrupted Lily’s (played by Tanya Reynolds) horny intergalactic interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet to confess his love for Eric (Gatwa) in front of the entire school, which led Eric to break up with Rahim (played by Sami Outalbali). Then, Otis went to Maeve’s (Mackey) place to confess his own feelings for her and gave a letter to her neighbour Isaac (played by George Robinson) who then discarded it because of his own feelings for Mackey’s character. 

And that’s before we even begin to talk about Lily and Ola’s budding romance—remember, uh, Otis and Ola were a thing before the pair realised his feelings for Maeve—and all the other love and sex problems the rest of the students at Mordale High are going through.

A third season of Netflix’s Sex Education was first announced back in February in a video presented by Alistair Petrie (who plays Principal Groff). But, with the U.K. government now banning social gatherings of six people or more, we wonder just how this new season will be filmed. 

According to the ABC, “weddings, schools, funerals and organised team sports” are exempt, but what about big Netflix productions? Could we see less big group dynamics, more one on one scenes and less behind the scenes crew involved?

We’ll know more as the season continues to be filmed and closer to the new season’s release. 

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