Regina George 2.0 From The Junior Plastics In ‘Means Girls’ Is A Regulation Hottie

Paramount Pictures
Just when you thought there weren’t any more Mean Girls cast members to stalk and see how hot they are now, the internet has discovered another one!
This time though, it’s someone who’s NOT a main character… in fact, she was only seen in like the last 30 seconds of the movie!

Remember the Junior Plastics? 
They were the next group of pretty and stylish girls ready to carry on the b**chy work of their predecessors who almost got hit a by bus (Cady actually imagined that they did).
Well, we finally know what the queen junior plastic — A.K.A. the new Regina George — is up to now and she’s a B.A.B.E.!!!
Tara Shelley is now 26 and turns out she’s still acting. And did we mention she’s a ~total~ regulation hottie?
Since starring in everyone’s favourite movie of all time, Tara has appeared in all three Halloween-themed Roxy Hunter TV movies, a bunch of TV series including Life with Derek and Mosque on the Prairie and has an upcoming role in a film called The Lemon Grove.

Oh and you probably noticed it looks like she’s not actually a ‘Mean Girl’ in real life (we hope).

Seriously one to watch.

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