Aca-scuse me? A Pitch Perfect Series Is Coming & Here Are All The Deets

They really said... 🎶don't you forget about me 🎶.
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The Pitch Perfect creators really took the whole “please don’t stop the music” thing literally as four years after the third movie was dropped, it has been announced that there is a new series inbound.

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Aca-what-the-heck is happening? What is the new series going to be about? Who is going to star in it? Are the original cast reprising their roles?

And most importantly, when and where can we watch it?

We’ve Aca-answered (OK sorry, we’ll stop) all your questions below.

The pitch is back baby! (Credit: Pitch Perfect | Gold Circle Films | Brownstone Productions)

What’s the Pitch Perfect series about? 

According to Variety, the series is to be set several years after the events of the original films. 

When we left off in the third film, the Bellas went on tour for the USO and ended up opening for DJ Khaled… ’cause, you know, all they do is win, win, win, no matter what. 

This time around though, it seems that the viewers will be following the story of a different, but beloved, character. 

Elizabeth Banks (left) and Adam Devine (middle) are both involved in the new Pitch Perfect series. (Credit: Getty)

Who will star?

So far, all we know is that Adam Devine is onboard to reprise his role as Bumper Allen, according to Variety.

The publication explained that in the series he “moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin”.

Adam will also executive produce on the show along with Elizabeth Banks, who starred in all three movies and directed Pitch Perfect 2. 

The actor took to Instagram to delight in the news, writing: “BUMPER is BACK! Oh my. I’m a song and dance man once again! So excited to to breathe life back into my boy Bump. Such a lil manic and I loved playing him!

“Thanks @elizabethbanks @maxhandelman, @universaltv and @peacocktv for making this all possible AND thank you to the insanely talented @meganamram for steering the ship! Can’t wait!!!”

Where to watch?

OK, so Aussies stay losing because currently the series is to appear on the streaming platform Peacock which is not available in our region. 

Aca-scuse me? (OK sorry, that was actually the last one).

We’ll keep you updated if anything changes 🤞🤞.

Release date? 

No date yet. But we’ll keep you posted. 

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