The ‘Outer Banks’ cast just got in major trouble with their neighbours while filming season 2

Well, it sounds like the next season of OBX is gonna be pretty hectic!

So we’re waiting on a lot of fun TV to drop right now: a Gossip Girl reboot, a new Percy Jackson show, Never Have I Ever season two *and* Riverdale season five. In the midst of it all, you might have forgotten about one of the year’s early breakout hits, Netflix’s Outer Banks. This is not the case however for some residents in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where the cast and crew of Outer Banks are currently filming season two. Yep, you better prepare for some drama in the upcoming season because apparently, their filming was so hectic it garnered some complaints from their neighbours.

According to The Post and Courier, “At the end of September, cast and crewmembers spent three late nights in a row filming a scene that involved a rain and lightning simulator, casting strobe lights into house windows and producing noise that kept neighbours down the block up all night, according to residents.”

Strobe lights? Lightning? And you thought the ending of season one was dramatic! The show’s creator Jonas Pate was very apologetic about the whole thing and says the complaint likely came from residents who weren’t notified about the filming.

It’s really hard to do something like this and have everyone give you a thumbs up, but we do our best to talk to folks who are thrown off by it. We’re not trying to be intrusive or ‘Hollywood’ about it. We’re sensitive to the residents of Mount Pleasant, and it feels personal to us,” he said. “It was a big scene with lightning strikes, and that’s pretty jarring to anyone, so I get it that some of the residents were upset. If we miss someone [with notices], that’s 100 percent on us, and we’ll correct it. We’re aware of it and going to do better next time.”

The residents apparently got $750 for all their trouble—which is coincidentally how much tax Trump paid one year, yikes!—though more filming is on the horizon. 

Here’s hoping the rest of the season’s filming goes off without a hitch!

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