James Corden refuses to kidnap One Direction, but he has given fans some new unseen footage

"I love those boys with all of my heart, but I simply cannot commit a crime."
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James Corden, the host of The Late Late Show, regrets to inform the One Direction fandom that he cannot kidnap the boys and reunite the band. It’s been a running joke for on social media for a while: One Direction fans have been begging the host to (forcibly) bring the boy band back together. While Corden has politely declined that request, he has given fans brand new, unseen video footage from their Carpool Karaoke appearance.


The kidnapping in question is, of course, a joke. Fans are referring to Corden’s stunt “kidnapping” the Jonas Brothers. “There’s been a trend online that I have frankly been unable to ignore,” Corden began in his video.

“As you can see here, I’ve had thousands of comments on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, insisting I kidnap One Direction. It’s all my feed is,” the 42-year-old shared. “You know they’ve appeared willingly on the show before and I’m not going to brag but I do have their phone numbers.”

“We already know that One Direction have enough to worry about when it comes to kidnapping,” he joked. “I mean everybody wanna steal their girl, everybody want to take her away.” (Real fans will know the song.)

The host confessed that, “Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see One Direction reunite. I think about it as much as you do. I love those boys with all of my heart, but I simply cannot commit a crime.”

Instead, the host pulled out some brand new and unseen footage. The new clips are from when the boys (specifically Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan) appeared on Carpool Karaoke just before their hiatus in January of 2016.

Amongst the new shots was plenty of material for One Direction fans. We’ve got the boy’s McDonald’s orders: Horan gets a Big Mac, Payne opts for nuggets, Styles goes for an iced tea and Tomlinson asks for a sausage McMuffin with egg and two hash browns and a chocolate milkshake. The most amusing moment is probably when Tomlinson promptly changes his mind about the chocolate milkshake, asking, “Can I give you that back, I don’t want it.” What?!

You can watch the new footage of One Direction on Carpool Karaoke below, enjoy the nostalgia!

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