Sabrina Carpenter is making an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie with Netflix

And of course, it's gonna be a ~musical~

Huge moves from Sabrina Carpenter this week: the actress has been announced as the lead role in a Netflix musical adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll tale, Alice in Wonderland. The 21-year-old multi-talentCarpenter is also a singer in case you missed it—will not only be starring in the film, titled Alice, but she’s also spearheading the film as a producer. It’ll be her first role as a producer under her newly launched production company, At Last Productions.


Now, this isn’t the first time Carpenter has flexed her acting and producing skills at once. While you probably know her from her appearance in Work It, the Netflix dance movie phenomenon also staring Jordan Fisher, she also served on film behind the scenes as an executive producer. 

The same team behind Work It is rejoining Carpenter for Alice. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is going to reimagine the story for a new era, “the modern-day musical will be set against the backdrop of a music festival called ‘Wonderland.'”

Given Carpenter’s musical roots—she was in the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls and has released multiple hit singles in her time—we’re thinking that it’s pretty likely we’ll see her sing a couple of tunes in this new musical Alice.

While it does seem like the era of reboots and ~reimaginings~ (think Powerpuff GirlsGossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Mulan, etc) we’re intrigued to see what this fresh take on Alice could look like. And while we’re waiting? Fire up the Disney+ GroupWatch or check out all the excellent free movies and shows on SBS On Demand.

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