Hadley Robinson And Lauren Tsai Spill On Their Adorable On-And-Off Screen Friendship

We chat to the Moxie stars about being IRL and on-screen pals.

Okay, real talk for a second here, Moxie’s Vivian and Claudia have the cutest of high school friendships—but the stars behind them, Hadley Robinson (Utopia, Little Women) and Lauren Tsai (Terrace House, Legion), are just as “introverted, glorious weirdos.”

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Put a finger down if you describe yourself as an introvert. Put a finger down if you love talking books and poetry and wearing face sheet masks while watching K-Dramas with your best friend. If you put your finger down for any of that then, well, turns out you and Moxie’s on-and-off screen pals Hadley Robinson and Lauren Tsai have a lot in common.

“Hadley and I are actually quite introverted people,” Lauren tells Girlfriend. “I think that Vivian and Claudia’s friendship was very much like the younger version of what our friendship is now.”

“We love to just hangout and talk about books and poetry, and stories and things we want to make, and love that because I love when you have a little world with someone. I think that’s what [Vivian and Claudia’s] friendship was, and I think that’s kind of what we have too.”

“Yeah and I feel like the stuff that we do, Vivian and Claudia would have done,” Hadley adds with a smile. “Like, watching K-dramas, they definitely would have done something like that. And so I think we have a lot of the same quirky tastes that they have for sure.”

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And, as it turns out, that magnetic chemistry between Hadley Robinson and Lauren Tsai was fate playing its cards. According to Moxie director and star Amy Poehler, when the pair first met, they clicked instantly. 

“When Lauren and Hadley both came in, we were like, ‘Oh, that’s our Vivian and that’s our Claudia,’” Amy told us. “I think [when it came to Vivian and Claudia], the casting had to be very organic and about chemistry.”

“You really need to believe these two women, and you really need to care about them in the film. Watching [Hadley and Lauren] interact with each other, they really are introverted, glorious weirdos like they describe themselves.”

“They bonded over that in such great ways. They’re such talented artists.”

Vivian and Claudia isn’t the only Moxie pair we’re obsessed with; we also loudly stan Viv’s healthy and so-cute-I-could-die romance with Seth.

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