Mia Fevola turns 21! Take a look inside her A-list birthday bash with a sweet twist

She looked radiant in bespoke couture!
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Bust out the confetti because the 21st season is here! 

Mia Fevola celebrated her milestone 21st birthday with a bang in custom couture, celebrity friends and most importantly, her AFL legend dad, Brendan Fevola, by her side. 

WATCH: Mia Fevola Birthday celebrations.

Mia and her step-father Brendan finally celebrated their 21st and 40th birthdays together after they had to postpone the event due to Victoria’s lockdown in February. 

They held the extravagant event at The Albion Rooftop in Melbourne with specially curated decor provided by the event company House of Confetti. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fevola party without some famous guests with mates Fifi Box, Dave Hughes and Anthony Callea there to celebrate.

Although, we are sure Mia was simply happy to have her AFL player boyfriend, Jamarra Ugle-Hagen, by her side. 

The ever-fashionable influencer may be a designer herself, but she turned to Klovia Couture to create her gorgeous outfit for her birthday bash. 

However, there was a little twist to her eye-catching ensemble – the dress’s tulle skirt could be removed to reveal a diamond-encrusted bodysuit. 

How is that for a sartorial reveal?! 

Have a look into the world of Mia Fevola’s 21st birthday party. 

Mia’s first look for her 21st celebrations. (Credit: Instagram)
The surprise reveal look with the tulle skirt removed. (Credit: Instagram)

Mia’s birthday party outfit

Mia’s bespoke Klovia design was fun and flirty with a sophisticated twist, the perfect aesthetic for a 21st.

Her make up gave off some serious red carpet vibes with a smouldering cat eye, bronze contour, brown eye shadow, rosy cheeks, nude lips and plenty of highlighter.

She wore her long brown and blonde highlighted hair in a half up and half down style accentuated by Hollywood glamour waves.

A behind the scenes shot of Mia getting ready. (Credit: Instagram)

Family moments 

The tight-knit Fevola clan is inseparable and clearly enjoyed coming together for this monumental joint party. 

Mia and her mum having a moment. (Credit: Instagram)

This photo of Mia getting her hair fixed by her mum Alex captures an intimate mother and daughter moment before the party shenanigans kicked off. 

Mia with her family and boyfriend. (Credit: Instagram)

Mia, her parents and her boyfriend, made sure to get a family snap. They were lucky they remembered to take a group photo, which can be easily forgotten about amidst partying and entertaining guests.


Mia and her boyfriend Jamarra

Mia shared this adorable picture of herself with Jamarra at her birthday. They look happier than ever here. 

A dream 21st bday aesthetic. (Credit: Instagram)

The decor 

Whoa! Former AFL player Brendan shared this incredible snap of the decor from the party.

The big LED light 21 and 40 were electric next to the white, silver and rose gold balloons and blush gold Mia and Fev signs.

The radio host also made a hilarious comment on the story, “Feeling it today not a well man.”

Something tells us Mia and the rest of her gang may be feeling the same.

Jamarra battling through a hangover. (Credit: Instagram)

The after party 

Mia and her family booked themselves into the Crown Towers Melbourne for some relaxing family celebrations after the party. 

Mia shared a snap of her boyfriend struggling through a hangover wrapped in a blanket with plenty of hydrating drinks surrounding him. 

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She also posted a video of her stunning view at the Crown hotel and her boyfriend makes a goofy cameo in the background. 

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