Louis Partridge says ‘Enola Holmes’ blew up while he was on the bus to school

"It was weird, like, hopping onto a bus with my little face like on the side."

Back when we spoke to Enola Holmes star Louis Partridge about his big Netflix role and whether he was ready to carry the weight of the internet’s next heartthrob, he had no idea he was about to become such a big deal. In fact, when the film first released around the world, the 17-year-old actor was, like most kids his age, on his way to school.

In a new interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Partridge opened up about being catapulted into fame. When he first heard he got the part in Netflix’s biggest teen movie of the year—sorry, Kissing Booth!—he was doing his equivalent of the HSC. Then, when the film dropped, he left home early morning at 8AM for school, caught a bus with his mates and caught posters of himself and his co-stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill everywhere.

Louis Partridge
(Credit: Louis Partridge’s Instagram)

“I was on one of the big red buses with the poster on the side of the bus—the Enola Holmes poster,” he recalled. “So they started popping up all around London which was weird, like, hopping onto a bus with my little face like on the side.”

“I think it came out at 8AM here but everywhere all over the world on Netflix, so I was at the back with a few of my mates and we just cheered.”

The Netflix star had no idea what this big moment in his life really meant for him till later, when he was in “Games Period,”—kinda like PE over here—and saw his Instagram starting to pop off.

“At the start of Games, I had like 200,000, and at the end, I had like 600,000 followers,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I was making bets with my mates to see how much it would go up and I had no idea it would get this crazy.”

For context, Louis Partridge’s Instagram is now followed by 5,600,000 people.

Despite being a big name movie star, Partridge said that his everyday life is still the same. “I was cleaning leaves out of the gutter yesterday for a bit of pocket money. My rate is ten pound an hour but after the film I sort of upped it a bit,” he joked.

“I get called Lord Farquad for the hair [at school],” Partridge added. “It’s not like they’re star struck. I literally get the p**s taken out of me, which probably keeps me grounded.”

You can check out Enola Holmes star Louis Partridge’s full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live below.

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