Our Lorde And Saviour Is Back: Everyone BREATHE, Lorde Has Promised New Music For 2021

The time has come!
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Four years later, the wait is finally (almost over) because Lorde has finally promised new music will arrive in 2021, and we already have a little teaser.

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Lorde really dropped and toured her sophomore album Melodrama and then dipped off the literal face of the earth, leaving her fans grasping at the clutches of her first two albums to feel something.

But after a week of fans speculating and coming up with theories about Lorde’s long awaited third album, the singer has finally posted a note on her website, called Lorde, with a promise.

Of course, the announcement is a cryptic tease, but her starved fans will celebrate these small wins with the same tenacity as if she dropped a whole album.

The time has come! (Credit: Lorde website)

The teaser features a forward photograph of a derriere, whose owner is not yet known (surely it’s Lorde?), with the words “Solar Power” and “arriving in 2021… patience is a virtue.”

Touche, Lorde, Touche!

It has been predicted by fans and news publications that “Solar Power” will be Lorde’s first single in four years.

Lorde’s longtime producer and friend Jack Antonoff also posted the artwork for Lorde’s single onto his Instagram.

According to Variety, last week, parts of Lorde’s third album leaked onto the internet, but not many have been actually able to find them.

Soon enough we will see her perform again. (Credit: Instagram)

When Variety reached out to a rep for confirmation about the leaks, but they declined to comment.

However, the publication interestingly suggests that if it can secretly find its way onto the internet, the album must be close to completion.

Lorde’s fans have had every right to make the singer rank on Twitter every week in anticipation of her announcement because last month it was revealed that Lorde will perform at Spain’s Primavera Festival in 2022.

“Patience is a virtue.” (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, the news went viral on Twitter, with LORDS IS HERE tweeting, “praise our Lorde and saviour for solar power.”

Another fan called Aphrodite Verstappen tweeted, “at first I was like ‘Lorde is coming back’ as a joke BUT BRO it’s not a joke anymore SOLAR POWER IS COMING.”

We know Lorde said, “Patience is a virtue,” but we think we have been more than patient.

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