Lana Del Rey and Camila Cabello have BEEF and we’re kind of terrified

"What the hell?"
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There’s nothing like a vague Instagram comment to set the internet alight with feud rumours

After all, a simple emoji or one-word comment can be loaded with so many meanings (snake emoji, anyone?)

The latest Insta misunderstanding is between pop darlings Camila Cabello and Lana Del Rey.

It all started when Camila shared a snippet from an upcoming project, Romance.

The video has an undeniably similar vibe to Lana’s 2012 music video for Ride, with a breathy voiceover recorded over a whimsical montage.

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The similarities apparently didn’t go unnoticed by Lana, who commented “What the hell?” on the video.

lana del rey

Naturally, this sent the internet into a frenzy, with fans immediately assuming that Lana was dragging the Senorita singer.

While some leapt to Camilla’s defence, others straight-up called for her to be cancelled.

But obvs, there was no need for all the drama, as Lana herself has cleared up what she meant by her mysterious comment.

In response to a fan’s question, Lana wrote “I meant what the hell in a good way. As in it’s so good.”

It comes after Lana revealed to ALT1053Radio that she had actually gone out to coffee with Camila and that she was ‘so sweet.’

See, no shade here! All is right in the pop world again!


Lana isn’t the only superstar to accidentally shade Camila about her Romance project.

In another, Roman-inspired video teaser, Halsey commented: “Ohhhh so it’s just hopeless fountain kingdom but not.”

While fans leaped to the conclusion Halsey was insinuating Camila had copied her second studio album, turns out a simple tech malfunction was at fault.

The superstar swiftly deleted her comment and explained “Just posted a 2-year-old draft by accident. Pls forgive me I’m getting too old for technology.”

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