Meet the cast of your new fave Netflix show: ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

It’s from the creator of 'High School Musical' and 'The Descendants', so you know it’s gonna be cute.

Looking for a cute new teen show to watch? That isn’t super angsty like Riverdale or Euphoria? Well, Kenny Ortega, the creator of High School Musical has got the goods. Just released on Netflix, please add Julie and the Phantoms to your ‘to watch’ list.

Per Netflix, “High schooler Julie (Madison Reyes) lost her passion for music after her mom died last year. But when the ghosts of three dreamy musicians, Luke, Reggie and Alex (Charlie Gillespie, Jeremy Shada, Owen Patrick Joyner), from 1995 suddenly appear in her mom’s old music studio, Julie feels her own inner spirit beginning to reawaken, and she’s inspired to start singing and writing songs again. As their friendship with Julie grows, the boys convince her to create a new band together: Julie and the Phantoms.”

The trailer, which you can watch here, also sees Julie encountering the wrath of the high school’s queen bee for stealing her spotlight and also enjoying a burgeoning romance with one of her ghostly bandmates, Luke.

So who exactly is the sweet cast bringing Julie and the Phantoms to life (or well, the afterlife we guess)? We’ve done the digging for you and found the cast’s details, including where to follow your new faves on Instagram.

Meet the cast of Julie and the Phantoms

Madison Reyes as Julie

This is 16-year-old actress Madison Reyes’s first acting role, which she apparently landed just two days after getting a callback. Like her Latin American character Julie, she’s proudly Puerto Rican. She told Seventeen that, “Growing up, there wasn’t very many people that looked like us. It was really one of the reasons why I would push myself so hard to go all out in those auditions. I wanted to be that person for somebody.”

Follow Madison Reyes on Instagram here: @themadisonreyes.

Charlie Gillespie as Luke

Charlie Gillespie plays Luke, the band’s guitar player and was previously in the CW’s Charmed series and in Degrassi: Next Class. Like his character, he also plays the guitar and was well-prepped for the dancing in his role: both he and his sister used to dance the High School Musical numbers. We’re calling it now, he’s gonna steal Julie’s heart.

Follow Charlie Gillespie on Instagram here: @charles_gillespie.

Jeremy Shada as Reggie

You might actually already recognise Jeremy Shada, or at least his voice. The 23-year-old actor is known for his voice-acting as Finn in Adventure Time and Lance in Voltron: Legendary Defender. Unlike his bass-playing character and co-star Gillespie, Shada wasn’t a natural dancer. Speaking with Seventeen he shared that, “It was a humbling experience embarrassing myself in front of everybody for a couple hours a day. Although, it was kind of cool getting to have great teachers teach you something that you wouldn’t have learned by yourself.”

Follow Charlie Gillespie on Instagram here: @jeremyshada.

Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex

The 20-year-old Owen Patrick Joyner was pretty much born to play the role of Alex, the drummer in the newly formed band. Previously starring in Knight Squad, the actor has been drumming since he was 12 and has done theatre all of his life. His character Alex is also the most plagued with anxiety about the weird situation of being, you know, back on earth as a ghost, but he’s rolling with it. 

Follow Owen Patrick Joyner on Instagram here: @owenjoyner.

Booboo Stewart as Willie

The 26-year-old Booboo Stewart, who you might remember as Seth Clearwater in the Twilight series and Jay in the Descendants series plays another ghost stuck on earth. He forms a close bond with Alex and helps him with trying to figure out why they’re still on earth.

Follow Booboo Steward on Instagram here: @booboostewart.art.

Jadah Marie as Flynn

Another Descendents alum, the 15-year-old actress Jadah Marie plays Julie’s best friend, Flynn. She’s also in the school’s music program and the two are pretty much inseparable. That is, until the appearance of the ghosts in Julie’s life begins to cause a bit of a rift in their friendship. 

Follow Jadah Marie on Instagram here: @thejadahmarie.

Savannah May as Carrie


Carrie is Julie’s super ambitious classmate, played by Savannah May of Knight Squad. She’s extremely unhappy about Julie’s newfound musical success and from the looks of the trailer, is bound to be plotting something to get the spotlight back on her.

Follow Savannah May on Instagram here: @savannahleemay.

You can watch Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix Australia now.

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