Here’s What’s *Really* Going On Between Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett

Rumours a-swirling.
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What is sour must inevitably turn sweet, and while the Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett drama has been full of scorn, it may be evolving into budding admiration.

WATCH: Olivia Rodrigo Good 4 U video directed by Petra Collins.

Olivia’s hella catchy tune Drivers License is the unexpected song of the year that now holds the record for the most streams in a week on Spotify.

It also positioned itself on the top of the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs Chart, which was formally held by the equally iconic (but for different reasons) WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

This song has power, punch and, most importantly, drama.

As many of you may know, the drama comes in the form of a Disney Channel love triangle.

Everyone and their millennial sisters were scrounging the internet for more deets about Olivia and Joshua’s alleged breakup and the girl with the “blonde hair” who is “four years older” than Olivia.

It is Jane Austen for the Gen Z generation, and if we ever need inspiration for our fanfics, well, you know where to turn.

But the release of her debut album, Sour, may not be the end of this epic, with rumours swirling between fans that there is something sweet in the making.

Pretty in pink. (Credit: Instagram)

Are Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett still friends? 

These young stars met on the set of Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series in 2019, and although the two never confirmed that their onscreen chemistry turned into a real-life relationship, and it is said their fateful union ended in 2020.

Fans of the series were quick to put two and two together in August 2020 when Olivia posted a TikTok video with the caption “And that’s on failed relationships,” with the song All I Want from the High School Musical soundtrack.

In June of 2020, fans noticed that Joshua was quick to move on when he was caught with Sabrina Carpenter for the first time.

They appeared in each other’s TikToks, which spurred on rumours they were an item.

However, this initially all played out under the pop culture radar until the grand moment when Olivia released Drivers License.

The lyrics “blonde girl” and “four years older” seemingly pointed the world’s finger to Sabrina, and well, everyone wanted to know what went down.

But like any good narrative, the real truth was not yet known – and there was more to come.

Sour has captured the zeitgeist like it was easy. (Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after Olivia dropped her single, Joshua released the record Lie Lie Lie, which fans reckoned was a moody response to her song.

But soon after, Sabrina and Joshua decided to change tact by opting for a more positive response to the situation to avoid more drama. 

Joshua released a single called Lie Lie Lie. (Credit: Instagram)

The stars decided not to feature their song We Both Know on Joshua’s EP.

In an interview with Billboard, Joshua explained, “I didn’t want my EP to be overshadowed by some other narrative that people were trying to make.”

As much as we would give up our chai latte addiction to find out the lyrics on that song, we do agree it’s best it stays in an amicable vault.

However, here is where things get even more interesting because fans have a theory that Olivia is pulling a Taylor Swift by releasing an album called Sweet to complement her debut, Sour.

PerTeen Vogue and a bunch of suss TikTok’s and Tweets – this rumoured flip-side album will be about falling and being in love. 

If true, this proves that despite the pain Olivia went through, she is still nostalgic for her time in love with Joshua.

After, all there can’t be too much IRL bad blood between them when Joshua has been showing his support for Olivia’s songs like Deja Vu on his socials.

Sabrina and Joshua never confirmed their relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

All the clues that Olivia is releasing Sweet 

Fans who have been following Olivia from the beginning know that over the past year, Olivia has teased love songs just as often as she has break up tunes. 

Which makes one think there may be a host of songs sitting on a hard drive that unpack the glitters and embers of love. 

TikToker @gabbybender suggested that since Sour is a short album that clocks in at the 30-minute mark that there is more for it to give. 

Lastly, and perhaps a subtle yet strong argument put forward in Teen Vogue’s investigation is the words “sour then sweet”, which were printed on the Sour Patch Kid boxes created through a collaboration between the company and Olivia. The launch was to celebrate Sour‘s release – but could it hint at a second to come…?

Who knows, perhaps Taylor walked so Olivia could run!

Olivia with her idol Taylor Swift. (Credit: Instagram)

The Twitterverse is heating up with excitement over the possibility that this is going to happen.

On Twitter, user @TSlifestyle13 posted, “Olivia Rodrigo is absolutely releasing a second album soon. 1) Sour is short. Really short. 2) the vast majority of songs are “sour” themed; they’re about heartbreak, angst, pain, etc. (sour) none are about happiness, joy, love (sweet).”

However, some fans are joking (and probably perhaps genuinely a little concerned) that Olivia will release Sweet and then dip like Lorde (who is driving us all insane as we wait what feels like decades for her third album).

Another Twitter user @ameliaritt tweeted, “Olivia Rodrigo released SOUR, soon she’ll release SWEET and then she will be gone like Lorde.” 

See in the corner! It reads Sour then Sweet. (Credit: Instagram)

Something tells us Olivia isn’t going anywhere, and if rumours are true, we are going to blessed with a more wholesome and dreamy version of her and Joshua’s ill-fated union.

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