Josh Gad & Luke Evans Want A ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Sequel

Le Four and Gaston together again? SIGN US UP!
Entertainment Weekly/Disney

While the live-action Beauty and the Beast hasn’t been released in Australia officially, there’s already talks of a sequel! Josh Gad, who played the now iconic role of Le Fou, and Luke Evans, the hunky Gaston, are totally behind the idea of a second instalment all about them and their friendship.

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Chatting to PEOPLE, Josh said he and Luke had already come up with a brilliant idea for a sequel featuring the bad boy and his side-kick: “I’d love to see a sequel to Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starring LeFou and Gaston. Gaston with a broken arm and probably needs to be pushed in a wheelchair. A broken heart! And his very broken ego.”

Um… YES!!!

While this sounds amazing, isn’t Gaston err… dead? Josh reckons they’d just pretend he’s not and hold his body up like a puppet! We’re suddenly less keen for a direct sequel… how about a prequel of how they became friends? That’s a bit less ew.

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