Here’s Why Gossip Girl Purists Are Crushing On Jordan Alexander

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On-screen, she’s the perfectly styled Julien Calloway with a penchant for Blair Waldorf-like behaviour. 

But away from the Gossip Girl set? Jordan Alexander oozes all-round cool girl. 

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The actress who has tackled one of the leading roles on Gossip Girl’s HBO reboot has quelled our thirst for a little Blair Waldorf-style escape, but Calloway comes with an even more unique sense of style, and (maybe?) a little more heart. 

Julien is Constance’s social media queen, with a huge Instagram following and a rich-girl hype crew who ensure she’s always looking camera-ready. 

It’s the perfect segue from the OG series’ spoilt and affluent Blair Waldorf, who was a walking talking Upper East Side elitist stereotype. 

But Jordan Alexander couldn’t be more different to her character, or Blair Waldorf for that matter – and in the very best way. 

We take a look at the actress you’re about to see everywhere. 

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World, meet Jordan Alexander. (Instagram)

Who is Jordan Alexander?

Jordan Alexander reigns from Canada, and has worked as an actress, and also a singer. 

Jordan’s stunning youthful appearance has served her through several on-screen gigs, including another series Unbury The Biscuit, as well as several sub-character roles. 

That makes her debut on Gossip Girl by far her biggest role yet – and we’re sure glad for it. 

What is Jordan Alexander’s age? 

Jordan Alexander was born on July 27, 1993, making her just shy of 28 years old. 

And yes, she’s a Leo, so not surprising to see her nail the alpha female role of Julian on Gossip Girl. 

We die over Jordan’s Gossip Girl style. (HBO Max)

Does Jordan Alexander have a partner? 

Yes, Jordan Alexander is currently dating Shane Homan, a model and activist. 

The cute couple met via Tinder back in 2018 and they’re still going strong, often sharing selfies together on their respective Instagram pages. 

What has Jordan Alexander said about Gossip Girl?

Jordan was understandably thrilled to take on the role of Julien Calloway on Gossip Girl’s 2021 reboot. 

Speaking to Yahoo Style, she even revealed an unexpected run-in she’d had with one of the show’s OG stars. 

“[I] actually met Blake Lively in Vancouver with her family,” Jordan said of the moment when the series went to air in the late 2000s.

“They were so lovely to us and brought us on set,” she continued. “We were very excited to watch and support her, and obviously it was a very fun show, so it was really good.” 

Jordan’s stunning beauty looks on Gossip Girl give us all kinds of inspo. (Instagram)

Is Jordan Alexander a singer? 

Yep, Jordan is an amazing singer. And just when you thought you couldn’t love her more, she also writes her own lyrics. 

Her song You released last year is a certified banger, might we add. We highly recommend you listen here

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