Exclusive: Jacob Elordi Reveals What He Thinks Might Happen To Nate Jacobs In Euphoria S2

"We’re going to have to see some kind of repercussions for the individual storylines."

*Spoiler Warning For Euphoria S1*

It’s been a Hot Minute since the end of the first season of HBO’s Euphoria and even with a two-part Christmas special, we still have a lot of q’s. Some, in fact, about Jacob Elordi’s character Nate Jacobs. 

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At the end of Euphoria’s first season, we learn that Nate (Jacob Elordi), a character who’s bullied, manipulated and blackmailed Rue and Jules, has lived through the same cycle of abuse and superiority complex from his own father. 

After he discovers his father’s private collection of homemade pornography with underage teens—truly, YIKES—and after his dad belittles his victory on the football field, Nate confronts his dad who physically restrains and insults him to the point of tears. It’s a startlingly brutal, uncomfortable scene that humanises Nate and shows off Elordi’s true acting potential. 

But, like, where does the show go from there? Well, in an exclusive interview with Girlfriend, via TV Week, Euphoria star Jacob Elordi admits, “I really don’t know. I have no idea what could happen.”

“It’s kind of like, after that sort of scene, and after the end of the season, it seems to me like there’s an open field for it to go in any direction,” Elordi adds, no doubt also referencing the kick in our hearts from Jules abandoning Rue at the train station and the following scene of Rue spiralling into a relapse—for more on these plot points, make sure to check out the two-part specials on Binge. 

“I think one thing that’s going to have to happen is… I guess nothing sort of got answered in the first season. Nothing got solved or fixed so we’re going to have to see some kind of repercussions for the individual story-lines, or something.”

“I really have no idea, but I’m just excited. I’m just as excited as I think everyone else is to find out.” 

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