Does Jacob Elordi *Really* Hate The Kissing Booth? Let’s investigate…

The internet is convinced he's celebrating the end of his contract.
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The Kissing Booth 3 has finally hit Netflix, and Twitter is celebrating on Jacob Elordi’s behalf… though, it’s not for the reason you might think.

WATCH: Jacob Elordi stars in The Kissing Booth 3

Yeah, so there has been a lot of speculation over the past few years that Jacob Elordi, who plays Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth series, actually can’t stand the entire franchise. 

As a result, since the final film dropped on the streaming platform, Twitter users have been theorising that the actor may be just a teensy bit excited that his contract is coming to an end.

See for yourself…

So why are fans convinced the 24-year-old is NOT a fan of the YA film series??

Well, there’s a few reasons, really. And we’ve rounded them all up below… enjoy.

Here’s everything we know about whether Jacob hates The Kissing Booth. (Credit: Getty)

He said he’s tired of playing teenagers

This is perhaps the most concrete evidence we have that Jacob wouldn’t be opposed to a The-Kissing-Booth-is-over-party.

In an interview with GQ Australia last year, the actor explained that, while he’s thankful for roles like Noah in TKB and Nate in HBO’s Euphoria and the opportunities they’ve opened up for him, he finds continuously “going back to high school kind of taxing”.

“Nothing against that but I’ve sort of done it and it would be really hard for me to find joy in that,” he explained. “I’m also getting older now, and I’m starting to look older, so to keep going back to high school is kind of taxing.”


It bothered him when people talked about his body in The Kissing Booth

If there was something that’d make you hate a job, it’d probably be having to undergo intense exercise because you knew your body was going to be scrutinised.

“I trained extensively for the first film, because it said it in the script,” he told Men’s Health in 2020. “I was so terribly nervous that I wouldn’t be what the script wanted me to be.”

“At the time, I was super young and got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body… it really f**king bothered me,” the 24-year-old said. 

“I don’t identify with that whatsoever. I was trying to prove myself and be known as an actor. It was so much working out and I hated every second of it.”

The way he looks at her 😍. (Credit: Netflix)

Jacob Elordi’s ‘miserable resting face’ excuse

ICYMI, people were very concerned about how ‘miserable’ Jacob looked in The Kissing Booth 2.

“No, no. I have a resting miserable face!” Jacob reassured Access last year. “It’s because I’m usually thinking a lot, like, an insane amount about something ridiculous. I think also, [my character] Noah is a moody dude, you know? He’s a moody guy. He’s not running around [super happy]. I wasn’t miserable, I was tired but not miserable. I had a blast.”

Jacob went on to explain that he went straight from filming Euphoria to shooting The Kissing Booth 2, calling it “a dramatic shift, mentally”.

But, it sounds like things weren’t ALL bad for the actor.

“There was a nice calm in going back to [The Kissing Booth] and being able to settle into something I knew how to do and knew what to expect and had friends around,” he explained. “I was so exhausted the entire shoot because I had just come off of eight months of filming then flew however many hours to Africa—I never really woke up. I just got through it.”

WATCH: Joey King & Jacob Elordi American vs. Australian Word Battle (Article continues after video)

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His ex Joey King called working together again a ‘sacrifice’

Okay this one is less about what Jacob’s said, and more about what his IRL ex girlfriend said about them reuniting as Elle and Noah after breaking up. Joey King called it a “sacrifice”.

“I’m a fan of how it resonated with the world, it resonated with me. So going back and doing that and making the sacrifice of what, obviously, everyone is thinking about—outwardly addressing, but what I’m kind of on the sly addressing, making those sacrifices was totally worth it,” Joey revealed.

Jacob Elordi doesn’t like his character, Noah

During a 2020 interview with GQ, Jacob went undercover and answered fans’ questions on the internet. And, we reckon he inadvertently confessed that he despises his Kissing Booth character, Noah. When one fan wrote that their girlfriend wished they were more like Noah, the Kissing Booth actor was decidedly not here for it.

“My girlfriend said [Noah’s] her dream guy. What are direct things I can do to be like that?” the fan wrote.

“That’s awful, I’m so sorry,” Elordi said after reading the fans message. “Your girlfriend should never say that. Don’t listen to that, you’re her dream guy.” 🥺 He’s right and he should say it. 

The actor also cautioned against emulating his reformed bad-boy womaniser character, “Don’t be like Noah Flynn, I wouldn’t want to be like that in real life. Be like Jacob Elordi? Don’t be like either. Be yourself, man.”

He’s criticised Noah in the past too. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about Euphoria in 2019, Jacob explained that he thought of doing the HBO series as “righting his wrongs”.

“The character in The Kissing Booth is awful and it’s never really explained. He’s kind of idolised and made into a hero, so I suppose Euphoria is showing why,” the actor said.

Jacob Elordi apparently liked tweets about… Jacob Elordi not wanting to film The Kissing Booth

This is so meta, but it’s so funny. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence that Jacob hates The Kissing Booth is from when fans think they discovered him ‘liking’ tweets about him having to drag himself back to film the sequels.

You can peep the evidence below.

Soooo is Jacob really a Kissing Booth hater? It’s hard to say… although, by the sounds of it, we can’t imagine he’ll be rushing to do a fourth film any time soon.

But it does seem like the experience wasn’t all bad… even if he DID have to pretend to be in love with his ex-girlfriend. Ooft. 

Psst… Speaking of The Kissing Booth 3, we watched it and… there is a lot to unpack. You can read our thoughts about the film right here.

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