EXCLUSIVE: The Cast Of I Know What You Did Last Summer Talk On-Set Pranks

“She literally fell to the ground, screaming.”
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Horror fans, we have great news. A YA thriller has hit Amazon PrimeI Know What You Did Last Summer.

And if it looks familiar, then cast your mind back to the 1997 film version starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe. It was based loosely on the 1973 novel of the same name, written by Lois Duncan.

Now, the premise has been adapted into a series starring Madison Iseman, Ashley Moore, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, and Sebastian Amoruso.

WATCH: Trailer For Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer

Girlfriend caught up with cast to find out what we can expect from the new murder-mystery. Like the original, the show follows a group of friends being stalked by a ruthless killer one year after covering up a fatal car accident.

“It’s like if all your bad decisions happened on one night,” Sebastian (who plays Johnny in the show) says.

Shot in picturesque Hawaii, Madison (who plays twins Lennon and Allison) tells us that the beautiful location played “such a huge part in (the) show”.

“Just being on an island and having nowhere to go, and the setting; every single still from our show is just absolutely stunning.”

IKWYDLS follows a group of friends being stalked by a ruthless killer one year after covering up a fatal car accident. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Of course, while the scenery was a peaceful backdrop, the subject matter was a different story. And some of the cast confess that getting spooked on set was all too easy.

“Not only were the events scary, but if you don’t feel a little scared acting in front of a camera or a lot of people… I think you might be a little crazy,” Ezekiel (Dylan) explains.

Brianne (Margot), who is a huge horror fan herself, disagrees, attesting that they tried to keep things light on set.

“It’s a contradiction that perpetuates, I find, whenever I do horror is that the scarier the material, the more fun the set is. I think we all have this conscious awareness that we’re dealing with such heavy material that you’ve got to keep it light in between.”

Despite Brianne’s insistence that set wasn’t all that scary, her fellow cast-mates were quick to throw her under the bus, claiming she was the easiest to frighten. 

The cast agreed that Brianne (right) got the most scared on set. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

“We always tried to prank Brianne and get her scared,” Madison says. “Brianne will scream 24/7.”

Ashley (Riley) even recounts a time she played a prank on Brianne which had her fall to the floor.

“I was like ‘Ooh, I’m gonna get her’ because we were in a creepy place and I was hiding behind one of the doors and they had just told us spooky stories about that location, so I was like hiding and jumped out and scared her and she literally fell to the ground screaming.”

Brianne does agree that, despite her love of horror, she is a “huge scaredy cat”.

The cast took advantage of the spooky shooting locations to play some pranks on each other. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

“I do a lot of horror shows and movies in my career but I’m so jumpy, it takes nothing to make me scream and go running and almost pee my pants,” the actress tells us.

“It’s awesome,” Sebastian adds.

“It’s entertaining to everyone but me,” Brianne jokes.

Ashley even suggests that Brianne’s reactions to their pranks were quality material for the show itself. “Her screams were always on point, we were like, ‘man, we need that on camera’.”

Funnily enough, during filming for the original movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt (who played Julie James) revealed that sometimes the cameras would, indeed, catch her natural reaction as she wouldn’t be prepped on what was going to happen.

And while the IKWYDLS filming process was different this time around, the cast does tell GF that there are plenty of Easter Eggs to the OG to look out for, some more hidden than others.

You can stream I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon Prime.  

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