Did We Just Spot An Original She’s All That Star In The Addison Rae Remake?

We investigate.
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When Netflix announced that it would be releasing a remake of the classic ’90s movie She’s All That, we were immediately intrigued.

WATCH BELOW: ‘He’s All That’ Official Trailer

Not only will the He’s All That reboot feature TikToker Addison Rae in the lead role, but it will also include some of the actors who starred in the original movie.

Rachel Leigh Cook, who played Laney Boggs in the original, will be making an appearance in the remake – but she won’t be playing her original character.

Instead, she’ll be playing Anna Sawyer, the mother of protagonist Padgett Sawyer (played by Addison).

hes all that addison rae rachel leigh cook
Original She’s All That star Rachel (left) will play a new role in He’s All That. (Credit: Netflix)

While He’s All That is based on She’s All That, it holds no connection to the original and stands as its own movie.

But what other connections does the remake have to the original? Well, from what we know so far from the trailer, there’s a few sneaky links, including the appearance of another OG actor.

Matthew Lillard, who had a small but iconic role as Brock Hudson in the original movie, can be seen in the trailer dancing at the prom.

It takes us back to *that* dance that he did in She’s All That, and we can’t help but wonder (and maybe hope?) that he might be busting those moves once again.

shes all that laney zack
He’s All That follows the same storyline as She’s All That. (Credit: Supplied)

The most obvious connection to She’s All That however, is the plot.

The original movie follows a tale as old as time, where boy meets girl, boy places a bet on the girl, boy falls for the girl, girl finds out – and you get the idea.

It’s a theme that has played out in countless other films, and it will be carried out in He’s All That, where high school it-girl Padgett takes the bet to turn any guy into Prom King, and Cameron Kweller (played by Tanner Buchanan) becomes her target.

In the original, Zackary Siler (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.) made a similar bet to take the least popular girl in school and make her Prom Queen, and Laney was the girl that was chosen.

hes all that addison tanner
Addison and Tanner will play the leading roles. (Credit: Netflix)

The biggest difference between the two films is that the main characters have swapped genders, but the general plot seems to run the same.

Just like in the original, Padgett ends up falling for Cameron – making things obviously complicated.

We saw the same thing go down with Zack and Laney where plenty of drama ensued, and if you need a memory refresh, or if you want to watch She’s All That for the first time, you can stream it now on Binge here.

As for He’s All That, it will be dropping on Netflix this Friday on August 27 at 5pm, so make sure to stay tuned.

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