At 26, Halsey Has A Baby And A Thriving Career

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It was Halsey describing the birth of her baby as “euphoric” for us. 

The singer proved they’re a literal force of nature in July 2021 by not only welcoming a baby, but also releasing a whole damn album at almost-full term. 

WATCH: Halsey does a cover shoot:

Yes, you don’t really have to look far to understand why fans adore Halsey. The singer’s journey throughout 2021 has only exacerbated the feat. 

We take a look at the 26-year-old’s inspiring, eventful adventure in the limelight. 

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Halsey’s baby

In July 2021, Halsey welcomed their first child with partner Alev Aydin. 

Sharing the news to Instagram with a gorgeous photo of the new family of three, they announced the child’s perfect name: “Ender Ridley Aydin.” 

The 26-year-old added some emotional thoughts: “Gratitude. For the most “rare” and euphoric birth. Powered by love.”

Just over two years ago, Halsey announced they would freeze their eggs after battling with endometriosis. 

When they surprised fans with the pregnancy announcement this year, Halsey explained at the time that they had “tried very hard for this baby”.

Halsey welcomed their first baby with partner Alev Aydin. (Instagram)

Halsey’s partner

Halsey is dating screenwriter Alev Aydin, who was revealed to be their boyfriend after their initial pregnancy announcement earlier this year. 

While many deduced that the pair had recently started dating, it is believed they got together as early as June 2020 when it was revealed they both got matching tattoos. 

The tattoo artist later spoke about the couple’s experience there, explaining that together, they were “the sweetest”.

Halsey and Alev got matching tattoos that say “seeds”. (Instagram)

Halsey identifies as she/they

In early 2021, fans noticed Halsey changed their pronouns on Instagram to she/they. 

The singer later clarified the change, saying they are “happy with either”. 

“For those asking RE: my updated Instagram bio, I am happy with either pronouns,” they explained in an Instagram story. 

Halsey also elaborated on their pregnancy, saying they initially thought pregnancy would spark strong binary feelings about  “womanhood”.

“But truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely,” they explained at the time. 

Halsey’s age

Halsey is 26, and has achieved a lot for someone so young.

Having been nominated for Grammys, having given birth to a baby and still releasing chart topping albums, there’s really no stopping them. 

Halsey’s Instagram

Halsey can be found on Instagram under the handle, @iamhalsey. 

And they’re truly worth a follow – expect a vibrant feed of featuring their album’s creative artwork, stunning makeup and beauty looks and more personal musings from the muse themself than we are worthy of. 

All hail Halsey, we say. 

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