Guess What The Most Popular Instagram Hashtag Was In 2016

Score followers with this #
Drum roll please! The most popular hashtag on Instagram for 2016 is here, it’s #love. Many of you may be surprised by this considering the theme of 2016 was #LoveIsDead, but it looks like we were all still hoping for it anyway!
True blue Insta users will know that #love is a VERY common tag for scoring likes and followers. There’s countless ‘How-To Instagram’ videos that tell you to use the hashtag even if it has nothing to do with the pic (although one could argue that you really do love that sunset). 
HOWEVER! We are choosing to look at the positive side of the tag and we recommend if you’re having a bad day to scroll through the pics users have posted for it. From selfies with friends, to babies, wedding pics, reunions, family gatherings and puppies… we reckon love is far from dead.


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