Guess What Instagram’s Most Viewed Video Is EVER…

It has a whopping 43 million views (and counting)!!
We know who the most followed person on Instagram is (Selena Gomez), and we know who has the most liked photo ever (Selena again) but if you’ve ever wondered who has the most watched video you’re in luck, coz we’re about to tell you. Right now. Kylie Jenner has taken the top place with a video of viral proportions: her dressed as ‘Dirrrrty’ era Christina Aguilera, gyrating for the camera. 
With a whopping 43 million views (and counting) it’s officially the most watched on the platform. Keep in mind the video was only posted a month ago on Halloween so it’s even more crazy!!!
If you were thinking the power of the Kardashian Klan was fading, here’s proof it’s still going strong!

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