Spotted: Meet The Cast Of The Highly Anticipated Gossip Girl Reboot

Helloooo hotties.
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Good morning Aussies, and welcome to the new generation of privileged Upper East Siders who are set to follow in the footsteps of Serena, Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Dan in Gossip Girl’s 2021 reboot

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Now we have a release date (July 2021, FYI), we look to the unexpectedly stuh-ning cast to familiarise ourselves before all hell breaks loose on the Met steps. 

Keep scrolling for the all-new cast of Gossip Girl 2021…. 

Thomas Doherty

(Credit: Instagram)

Yes, THE Thomas Doherty is joining the reboot we’ve all been waiting for!

Thomas starred as Harry Hook in The Descendants franchise, Sebastian on Legacies, and most recently Liam on High Fidelity.

Emily Ayln Lind

What a beauty. (Credit: Getty)

Emily was the first actress to be cast in the reboot, but we don’t know much about her character just yet! The blonde beauty is known for playing young Amanda Clarke in the hit TV series Revenge. Most recently, she starred in Code Black as Ariel.

Whitney Peak

(Credit: Instagram)

What a stunner! Whitney will be another main character of the show who will star alongside Emily. Most recently, the star was in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Judith. Soon enough she will also feature in Apple TV+’s Home Before Dark.

Eli Brown

The artsy one, right? (Credit: Instagram)

We don’t know Eli’s character in Gossip Girl yet, but he has acted in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists as Dylan Walker.

Jason Gotay

We’re getting huge Chuck Bass vibes. (Credit: Instagram)

Jason Gotay is a Broadway star, so the Gossip Girl reboot will be his debut on television! Jason played Tootles in Peter Pan Live! and recently starred as Che in the revival of Evita.

Johnathan Fernandez

All we care about is whether or not this dog will make an appearance. (Credit: Instagram)

The Lethal Weapon star has also joined the reboot in an undisclosed role. Johnathan is known for his roles in GirlsUCB Comedy Originals, and Adam Ruins Everything.

Tavi Gevinson 

From publishing stardom to Hollywood. (Credit: Instagram)

Tavi Gevinson is best known for the iconic teen publication Style Rookie she started when she was 12. Since its closure, she has gone on to star on Broadway, and she appeared in the movie Enough Said, Neo Yokio and Person To Person.

Adam Chanler-Berat

Adam is also a father. (Credit: Instagram)

Adam is a singer, stage and film actor known for starring on Broadway. As for his screen work, he has appeared It Could Be Worse and Delivery Man

Zión Moreno 

She is also a writer. (Credit: Instagram)

Zión started her career as a model, but she has since shifted her focus to acting, and in her short career, she has landed a role in the movie Control Z and K-12.

Evan Mock

Evan was Travis Scott’s Astro World photographer. (Credit: Instagram)

Evan Mock is more known for his photography, modelling and skateboarding. His role on Gossip Girl is his debut acting gig. 

Savannah Smith 

This is her breakout role. (Credit: Instagram)

Savannah started her career voicing cartoons, and her voice was featured in the Disney Jr. show Lion Guard. However, Gossip Girl will be the actors first head role in a TV role.

Jordan Alexander 

Jordan’s sister encouraged her to take up acting. (Credit: Instagram)

Jordan is a singer and actor known for their role on the Facebook Watch show called Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones.

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