Footage Reveals The Real Story About Louis Tomlinson’s Arrest

The video tells a different story...
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ICYMI, Louis Tomlinson has been arrested (he’s out on bail) at LAX airport after a scuffle with paparazzi involving himself and girlfriend Eleanor Calder. The police report and story that was given to media stated that Louis initiated the fight and “pulled the photographer to the ground”, but the video tells a different story…
What isn’t mentioned and we don’t see in the video (watch that here) until the end is Eleanor being surrounded by fans and photographers, unable to move. Apparently when she refused to take photos with the two fans who cornered her they got pushy. You can see Eleanor get pushed into the wall and thrown onto the ground, before scrambling to her feet and behind her security team.

Louis was arrested shortly after for battery and damage to property, but what about Eleanor’s rights? This whole thing started because Louis wanted to protect his girlfriend!

Speaking of that, the ~teeny tiny~ silver lining in all this is Louis has officially confirmed Eleanor and he are dating again! In the footage you here him shout:  “Excuse me what is happening here? What the hell is happening? Can we have some help? That’s my girlfriend.”

This echoes what Louis’ lawyer has said in a statement to PEOPLE (which can be read HERE) and ANOTHER source close to Louis has said: “Louis insists he didn’t attack the photographer — the guy just fell over in the crazy scrum that enveloped him and Eleanor. Louis was just trying to protect his girlfriend since the situation was potentially really dangerous and could have gotten out of control. He would have done anything to keep Eleanor safe, and is confident he won’t be found guilty.”

“Louis thinks it’s outrageous that photographers feel they can act this way. He said Eleanor was terrified by the ordeal and that it’s unacceptable behaviour,” the source finished.

Many fans agree, believing Louis is being unfairly charged and are urging authorities to look at all the evidence, not just try to blame the celeb:
Louis is due to appear in court March 29, we’ll update when we here more!

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