Here’s Why Aussie Beaut Felix Mallard Is Our New Netflix Muse

He's Australia’s answer to Harry Styles.
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Felix Mallard is the 22-year-old new kid on the block starring in the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia, and it has to be said this cute Melbourne native has a jawline so sharp it could cut glass.

WATCH: Ginny & Georgia | Netflix Trailer.

Between Jacob Elordi, the Hemsworth’s, Katherine Langford and now Felix, the world needs to start thanking us for all the gorgeous Aussie talent dominating their TV shows and movies.

Yep, from our H&A Summer Bay OG’s to the Hollywood hills – the local Australian entertainment is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

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Felix looking gorgeous at a premier. (Credit: Instagram)

So, who is Felix Mallard?

If his Instagram is anything to go by, Felix is the epitome of the artsy-meets hip kid you’d expect to fully crush on at an indie café. Movie-style. 

Oh, did we mention he’s also multi-talented? A musician to boot, Felix plays the electric guitar, and he can sing too. Good lord, where do we accidentally bump into this guy?

As Harry Styles stans, you’ll also be thrilled to know Felix played a Styles inspired character on the Watermelon Sugar singer’s sitcom Happy Together.

In an interview with James Cordon, Felix told the talk show host how Harry surprised the actor and gave him his tick of approval.

He said, “I was expecting a call from Ben, our executive producer, sitting around waiting for that and all of a sudden, the phone rings and an unknown number pops up.

“It goes, hi, this is Harry. And he goes, we really like your stuff, and we hope you come on.”

We’ll end this thrilling topic with one last addition: Felix also surfs and fences – a sport he’s played since childhood.

In fact, fencing is a big passion for talented actor – he competed at a state and national level, and in 2012 he secured two bronze medals at the Victorian National Champions. 

He’s a multi-talented lad. (Credit: Instagram)

Where is Felix Mallard from?

We already know that Felix starred in the Harry Styles produced show, but if you’re wondering if you have seen him somewhere else, somewhere more, close to home, than you’d be correct.

Felix starred on Neighbours, where other huge Australian stars got their big breaks like Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue and the Hemsworth brothers.

He first appeared on the show as a guest for a three-week run in 2014, but a year later, he returned to the show as a full-time series regular.

Felix has also appeared in Locke & Key, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and All the Bright Places.

Ginny & Georgia promo. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Ginny & Georgia about?

The Netflix drama that streamed on American Netflix in 2020 has finally hit our shores.

The Gilmore Girls style show is about free-spirited but complicated mum Georgia and her two kids, who move to an upper-class suburban town in Massachusetts.

The family are seeking a fresh start, but of course, there is no escaping the tense relationship between Georgia and her daughter Ginny.

Ginny was born when Georgia was 15, and this close age gap is both great and a little jarring for the duo.

Because even though they are more like sisters than mother and daughter, a blurry line is easy to cross, and when it is, drama ensues.


Who does Felix play?

Felix plays Marcus in Ginny & Georgia, who is Ginny’s potential love interest.

Mark our words: It won’t be long before Felix is Hollywood’s biggest leading man.      

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