Never forget! Netflix hottie Felix Mallard used to star on this Aussie soap

His range is already flexing… our hearts.
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After falling hard for the dreamboat that is Felix Mallard, we have been trolling the internet to find out absolutely everything there is to know about him.

Fun fact: Did you know he was a school prefect and an accomplished fencer? 

WATCH: Felix Mallard best moments on Neighbours

The 22-year-old rising star has won a whole new legion of fans thanks to his role as Marcus on the hit Netflix show Ginny and Georgia, but before he headed over to Tinseltown, he had a regular gig on the iconic Aussie soapie Neighbours.

In 2014 Felix landed a guest role playing Ben Kirk, the son of characters Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk. After completing year 12 and deciding to pursue acting full-time, the actor became a permanent fixture on Ramsay Street from 2016 until 2018.

He also made appearances on a couple of Neighbours’ spin-offs called Pipe Up and Summer Stories.

Felix on set in his trusty Uggs. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is Felix’s Neighbours character Ben Kirk? 

Ben Kirk was a fiery character with a big heart who liked to write poetry but wasn’t afraid to get into a scuffle until he changed for the better when he fell in love with Xanthe.

In his final scenes, Ben decided to move to his deceased dad’s hometown called Oakey because he wanted to start over after his dramatic time in Erinsborough.

Of course, in reality, Felix was on the show from 2014 to 2018 until he decided to leave to chase a career in Hollywood.

In a backstage video posted on Neighbours Official Channel in 2014, Felix spoke about his first impressions of Ben.

“My first impression is that Ben’s a pretty chilled-out country sort of kid, and he then comes to Erinsborough and gets into a bit of trouble,” he said at the time. 

In a compilation of Felix’s best moments as Ben (which you can watch in the player at the top), you can see how fresh-faced and green he was, but it’s also apparent he had some serious acting chops.

And those puppy-dog eyes could literally kill! Like, okay Felix, let us just dedicate our school locker to pictures of you and never make it to class because you’re too cute to ever look away. 

Felix as Ben Kirk on Neighbours. (Credit: YouTube)

Felix’s life during his time on Neighbours

To build his portfolio, Felix teamed up with his co-star Travis Burns, who played Tyler Brennan on Neighbours, to create a short film called Money Is Just A Barbell.

Watch Felix in Money Is Just A Barbell here: 

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You can still watch the short on Travis’s YouTube channel, where he described the plot simply as a “film about the life of a homeless guy.”

As if being a full-time actor on Neighbours isn’t hard enough Felix was also performing in a band called Enemies Alike.

His band would perform around the Melbourne gig scene, and they entered the Associated Catholic Colleges Battle of the Bands comp. 

Felix on Ginny and Georgia. (Credit: Instagram)

Life beyond Neighbours

Honestly, no wonder he was such a perfect fit to play the Harry Styles-inspired character on the sitcom Happy Together from 2018 to 2019.

Not only does he share a resemblance with the rockstar, but they both have that natural charismatic lead singer vibe.

It’s also worth pointing out he landed his role on Happy Together in 2018, straight after his time on Neighbours.

How is that for a hot career move? If he is already jumping from career-high to career-high this early on, then who knows? Maybe we will see him getting Oscar noms alongside fellow Aussie Soapy alumni Margot Robbie. 

A look back at his best moments on Neighbours

Felix mastering his serious gaze as Ben. (Credit: Neighbours)
Felix with Jai Waetford was such a pairing, ugh our hearts. (Credit: Neighbours)
It’s that side eye for us? (Credit: Neighbour)
Ramsay st was honestly so blessed to have our defacto Harry Styles gracing their scenes. (Credit: Neighbours)

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