Calling All Stans, The Fangirls Studio Recorded Album Just Got Its Release Date

Plus, meet the rising star who replaced Aydan from The Voice as “Harry.”

If it’s been 84 years since you last caught Fangirls, the Aussie musical about a diehard 14-year old fangirl of Not!One Direction’s Not!Harry Styles, then boy do we have some good news for you! Get ready to swoon because the official studio recording of the Fangirls soundtrack just got a release date.

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Okay so, the full soundtrack to the local smash-hit musical is dropping on the 16th of April. A pre-save will commence from the 2nd of April.

The news comes just as the homegrown production wraps up a Sydney tour and begins another in Adelaide. FYI, you can find other tour dates in Canberra, Wollongong, and Melbourne over on the official website.

While most of your Fangirls faves from the original production in 2019—from Chika Ikogwe as Jules to James Majoos as Saltypringl—reprise their roles in the recording, tragically, due to scheduling conflicts, Aydan isn’t featured. But, never fear my dears, for show creator Yve Blake and the team have found his temporary replacement: Māori (ngāti porou) and Swedish theatre legend Blake Appelqvist.

“We are shaking with excitement to share Blake’s incredible work,” the IG post announcing the news wrote. “When Aydan was unavailable to record, we knew that his shoes would be very tough to fill, but as you’re about to hear, Blake is mind-blowing as Harry.”

Girls, gays and theys, for the best demonstration of this, please turn to page 54 of Australia’s Got Talent—Aka this video below:

WATCH: Blake Appelqvist As “Harry” In The Studio Recorded Album Of Fangirls 

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In case you were living under a rock for the last two years, Fangirls is a local musical written by Yve Blake about the thrilling and emotional experience of being a fangirl of a teen boy band. The musical follows Edna, a 14-year-old Aussie high schooler, as she aspires to meet the man of her dreams—Harry from the hit UK boyband ‘True Connection.’ Determined to prove that she knows the real him and is the only one who can save him, Edna conducts a chaotic plan to rescue him when True Connection announce a Sydney tour—with tickets dropping at 10am during school hours, how dare u???

We mean it when we say, it’s the most relatable thing we’ve ever seen about what it’s like to be an Aussie teen *aaand* to be a teen fangirl. No matter what your fandom is, you’ll feel seen, heard and attacked in this slaptastic performance that blends Nicki Minaj rap beats with classic musical theatre ballads, Brit-pop boy-band tunes and a whooole lot of drama. 

In an interview with the ABC, Blake shared that she was inspired to write the musical after meeting a 15-year-old girl who boldly told her she knew the man she was going to marry: Harry Styles.

“The image of say, a young girl screaming her lungs out and crying at a Justin Bieber concert might be described as pathetic and a bit embarrassing, but a young boy screaming and crying at a football game, that’s the love of the game and that’s passionate, and that’s community, and that’s beautiful,” she explained. 

“The way that the world describes fangirls is kind of a microcosm of the subtly different ways that we deem the same behaviour unacceptable from young women when it’s perfectly socially acceptable from young men. That to me is really, really interesting and [with Fangirls,] I wanted to unpack that.”

While we encourage everyone to go out and watch the production when it debuts in your city—y’know, if you haven’t seen it everyday it ran in your local city already!—news of the album dropping on Spotify is huge! Could we see Fangirls blow up internationally and head to Broadway or Netflix? Call us a clairvoyant because we absolutelyyy think so.

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