Here are the best reactions to Elliot’s song in the Euphoria finale

Dominic Fike himself even responded.
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*WARNING… This article contains spoilers for the Euphoria season 2 finale… you have been warned*

Euphoria season two is officially over and despite there being a literal death in the finale, fans have been focused on a different aspect of the episode.

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As a recap, in the finale, Rue (played by Zendaya) visits Elliot (played by Dominic Fike) to tell him she forgives him for telling Jules (Hunter Schafer) that she relapsed, as well as thank him for saving her life.

Instead of responding with a simple… “hey 👋 don’t mention it 😌”, Elliot decided to tread the line of a ✨ pick me boy ✨ and give plenty of viewers the ick by pulling out his guitar and performing a song for Rue. Elliot in his Camp Rock era 😍??


Glee core 😍😍 (Credit: HBO)

Considering Dominic Fike is an artist IRL (let’s not forget the absolute banger that is his song 3 Nights), the tune in the episode was gorgeous…. however, it was long… oh, so, long. And fans had something to say about it. As did Dominic.

Check out some of the best reactions below. 


The Elliot slander continued far and wide across Twitter and TikTok to the point where Dominic himself caught wind of the memes, and headed to his own Instagram stories to respond.

The actor and singer took the swarm in his stride, uploading a bunch of his favourite memes, including the Glee and Ariana Grande ones above (nice taste).

He then finished his response with a selfie, accompanied by the caption: “The internet remains undefeated I am humbled.”

Dominic Fike responded to the Elliot slander. (Credit: Instagram)

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