Love Gossip Girl’s Emily Alyn Lind? There’s A Good Reason For That

“Can’t wait to get wrinkles."
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On Emily Alyn Lind’s Instagram, she has written “Can’t wait to get wrinkles” in her bio and if that doesn’t capture her non-fuss, work hard, and stuff the frills attitude, nothing will.

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The talent behind Gossip Girl’s Audrey Hope’s has a look mixed between an edgy Bridget Bardot and a classically styled Debbie Harry, but at the young age of 19, this actor already has a whole career under her belt.

There is no denying that the camera loves Emily, and her captivating allure heightens the intrigue around her character.

But it’s the woman behind Audrey Hope that we are most curious about because she has already achieved so much at her young age.

Here is everything you need to know about Gossip Girl’s blonde ambition beauty.

“Can’t wait to get wrinkles.” (Credit: Instagram)

What is Emily’s age? 

She is only 19 years old. We can’t wait to see what she achieves in her 20s after all the success she has already had. 

Where is Emily Alyn Lind from?

Emily hails from Brooklyn, New York, a suburb that used to be considered lowbrow, but hipster culture turned that around, and we bet even Blair Waldorf would buy her fifteenth apartment there.

It’s highly unlikely that Emily would be dubbed the lonely girl from Brooklyn.

What other TV shows and films has Emily Alyn Lind been in?

Emily is the daughter of Hollywood royalty. Her mother is Barbara Alyn Woods, who is known for her role as Deb Scott on One Tree Hill.

Keen to carry on the family business, Em started acting at age five, and her first notable role was playing a young version of Dakota Fanning in The Secret Life of Bees, which came out in 2008.

She has also played the iconic Shirley Temple in J Edger (2011), Snakebite Andi in Doctor Sleep (2019), and she was a reoccurring character on the hit show Revenge.

Emily was one of the first actors publicly confirmed for the GG reboot, and she announced the news on her Instagram in March 2020.

She cryptically captioned the post, “seen u soon upper east side, xoxo ;).”

Em as Audrey in GG. (Credit: Instagram)

What else does Emily Alyn Lind do?

The gal can sing! Our talent inspo released her first single ever in November 2019, and the songs is called “Castles.”

She is also known to share song covers on her Instagram.

Oh, and as if she wasn’t cool enough, she can also play the guitar.                

What is Emily’s personality like?

In an interview with Glamour, Emily revealed that she isn’t the most outgoing of people and she’s actually a bit of a home-body.

“I’m very much an introvert,” she told the publication. “I’m very social, but I stay home a lot. I’m not really into that stuff: the parties and the glitz and the glam. I’ve been seeing it since I was little.

“I can navigate that stuff, just because I’ve always been the same person through thick and thin.”

Obsessed with this rocker style! (Credit: Instagram)

What is Emily’s off-screen style?

Emily experiments with an androgynous leaning aesthetic that is juxtaposed by elements of soft.

She explained to Glamour that she prefers comfort above all, “I love being comfy, but if I’m actually going to live life, which I haven’t really since the pandemic, I opt for vintage mixed with off-the-rack. I’ve been working with Gucci lately, and they have a very old-school ’70s vibe right now, which I’ve been into,” she said.

Em with her rumoured beau. (Credit: Instagram)

Does Emily Alyn Lind have a boyfriend?

Emily knows what’s good for her and that the only way to shut down rumours is to be so private no one can find any concrete evidence.

So for those of us curious to know about her love life, the star has yet to make a relationship public.

But according to The Cinemaholic, she was linked to actor Kai Caster in 2016 and shortly after they allegedly parted ways, it was rumoured that she was seeing songwriter Tolga Kahraman.

Although, the most recent gossip has come from a fan account that posted pictures of Emily with a mystery man in late 2020.

Watch this space… 

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