We Investigate Whether Gossip Girl Cutie Eli Brown Has A GF

The new lonely boy?
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Think you’ve seen Gossip Girl‘s Eli Brown before? You’re probably not wrong. 

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The actor, whose full name is Elijah Brown, plays Obie on the 2021 Gossip Girl. He already has a list of credentials to his name, including a role in spin-off series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. 

This time, his character is completely different from unique musician Dylan. Eli’s depiction of GG‘s resident activist and individual Obie has us once again wanting to know more about the actor’s life behind the camera. 

And it would be safe to say a lot of us has wondered the same thing: Does he have a partner? 

We investigate.

Eli plays Obie, Julien Calloway’s former bf and Zoya’s new love interest. (Getty)

Does Eli Brown have a girlfriend?

Eli Brown definitely did have a girlfriend, but at present, we’ll leave it in the maybe. 

According to several gossip sites (see the irony here?), he dated model Talia Wirkkula-Hibdon from 2015. 

It is widely believed the pair have since broken up, though that’s never been confirmed by either party publicly. 

Eli dated Talia Wirkkula-Hibdon. (Getty)

While we’d love to have a slightly clearer answer to this one, there’s no denying that Eli likes to keep his personal life, well… personal. 

We really can’t blame him for that. 

His Instagram is filled with candid snaps and ‘photo dumps’ (his words, not ours) of outtakes from his life in New York. 

More recently, he’s shared a bunch of pics with some of the Gossip Girl cast, cementing our belief that they’re all besties in real life. Awwww. 

And girlfriend or not, his chemistry with on-screen love interest Whitney Peak in GG is literally next to none. 

We can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves as the series continues. 

For now, we’ll sign off. Xoxo. 

You can watch the rebooted Gossip Girl on Binge by signing up here. 

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