Dua Lipa & Anwar Hadid Just Went From Couple Goals To Music Mavericks

Modelling isn't his only jam these days...
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Dua Lipa is an undisputed queen of pop – her boyfriend Anwar Hadid is modelling royalty.

Together? Well, lets just say magic happens. 

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Let’s fondly look back to early 2019 when Anwar and Dua were first linked together.

According to TMZ, the model reached out to the singer after he found out she split up from her ex-beau, Isaac Carew, who is a chef.

They were then spotted getting cosy at various events like a Hadid birthday party, the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards and the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival.

Anwar started to appear at more of Dua’s performances, and it wasn’t long until fans had decided they were an official item.

“Everyone has something to say. Even if it’s something small.” (Credit: Instagram)

In 2019, Dua celebrated her 24th birthday and of course the pair were caught romantically kissing on the beach after making their romance public. 

Anwar and Dua were becoming more unapologetic about their love, especially when it was later revealed by The Sun that they were renting an apartment in New York together. 

Of course, an apartment is one thing, but you know a relationship is really serious when a dog is in the picture.

In August 2020, Duwar did just that by becoming fur parents to a dog they named Dexter, and he’s pretty darn cute.

So really, what more could these two possibly do to cement their status as the modern day Ross and Rachel? 

Well, Anwar’s just shown us. 

Literally and figuratively puppy love. (Credit: Instagram)

In a recent interview with I-D Magazine Anwar, 21, revealed that he’s just casually been creating music for two years.

According to the publication, the music was made with friends, executive producer Joey Francis and Brian Foarde. 

It is said to be inspired by the music he listened to in his teen years, like Lil Wayne, The Doors and Alice in Chains. 

The model explained music is something he turns to feel connected to and for his inner world to be fulfilled.

“I felt like I wasn’t able to express myself in the ways that I wanted to, and music helped me with that,” Anwar told I-D. “It got to a point where I needed it.”

The publication didn’t hesitate to ask Anwar how he feels about any industry scepticism, especially considering his famous family and relationship may mar peoples perception of his work.

“It’s not really something that bothers me or anyone in my family, because we’ve always been creative people. People always think about this other shit but don’t think about the love a family has for each other.

“Everyone has something to say. Even if it’s something small,” Anwar replied. 

However, with a girlfriend as established and industry respected as Dua, who elevated her presence after the release of her epic Future Nostalgia, he will at least have her sage advice to support him through the opinions of others.

These two can’t get their hands off each other. (Credit: Instagram)

And looking back at Dua’s music, it’s interesting to note how she has written so many songs about heartbreak – Anwar has clearly allowed her to foster a secure and loving relationship.

In 2021, she opened up to Rolling Stone about her relationship after over a year of dating.

I’m very comfortable in the relationship, more so than any others,” said Dua. 

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